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  1. well I do have to agree lets hope there are no errors like in odmb there are jet ways at Pad G that are not connected to a building and there is not even a way for planes to park there to be connected to planes.

  2. something I noticed with EDDM is that every time Real Traffic has a update you have to reinstall the files for the the airport not the schedule file or airlines file the actual files for the airport and then it works fine for me.

  3. well the only one that I seem to have problems with atm is LFPG sometimes when I play that airport airplanes get stuck on the runway and won't taxi to the terminal I have also noticed in LFPG that there are taxiways that are there but that don't show up on the ADIRS screen so don't know what that is all about and also when I give the command to taxi on a certain taxiway the ai doesn't want to taxi that way and it mostly only works with only saying taxi to terminal if I try to get a plane to taxi by a certain taxiway most of the time the ai gets confused and the plane sits there and sits there and sits there and then I get penalized for it sitting there when I told it to taxi to terminal on a certain taxiway.

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