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  1. ATC AlaskaGuy

    OMDB airline can't figure out what airline

    oh and also in the manifest file for OMDB this DTH SF, isn't even listed in the manifest file
  2. ATC AlaskaGuy

    OMDB airline can't figure out what airline

    in this screenshot in the strip there is a aircraft that is the DTH ICAO code and the plane type is a 777 but that is impossible as that on the internet it doesn't list this airline as having that plane type.
  3. ATC AlaskaGuy

    OMDB airline can't figure out what airline

    this isn't English 101 this is the internet so who cares anyhoo I can't figure out how that in a screenshot of OMDB that in the strip it says that there is a DTH 777, but this impossible as that on Wikipedia it says that the airline TASSILI AIR only has B738's and the DH8D so how is it that then someone has it as a 777.
  4. in OMDB the airline DTH is on the strip in a screen shot that was taken from them playing ODMD with this airline and it had a 777 listed but I can't find this airline in the manifest list I think it is Tassili air but in the manifest it isn't listed but on the official webpage for ODMB it has this airline listed as a airline that goes to Dubai, was just wondering why this airline wasn't put into Dubai?
  5. has anyone heard any news about this new update to real color for KSFO
  6. ATC AlaskaGuy

    OMDB Manifest list

  7. ATC AlaskaGuy

    OMDB Manifest list

    I can't figure out what airline is a cargo airline that has the Code ES and has a B76F is there someone that might be able to shed some light on what airline this one is suppose to be?
  8. ATC AlaskaGuy

    So what's next?

    he didn't have to say it was Honolulu as that in a post I saw on Feelthere facebook page it mentioned something about Honolulu being one they are working on.
  9. ATC AlaskaGuy

    LFPG-CDG Custom Schedule

    I updated a few things with these files and thought I would share my custom files for LFPG CDG that I made, also just so you know this if from August 19th 2019, I also changed some of the call signs to make it easier to use with voice recognition as that I had trouble with it not being able to understand my voice. lfpg_airlines.txt lfpg_airplanes.txt lfpg_airports.txt lfpg_schedule.txt lfpg_terminal.txt
  10. hey I fixed a few things I had to with the LFPG CDG airport custom schedule files and so forth and wanted to know if that you could post them where they can in that list of custom scedules for different airports, here are the files that can be used to put into that. lfpg_airlines.txt lfpg_airplanes.txt lfpg_airports.txt lfpg_schedule.txt lfpg_terminal.txt
  11. hey I was wondering if that maybe in the next real traffic update that Spirit Airlines could have the A320 and The A321's, as they have been painted in the new yellow taxi looking livery.






  12. dude I was implying that there is a new livery for WestJet as it is on the B789 and I have looked at pictures of WestJet and the other aircraft that WestJet has, have the airlines new livery to, so I was saying that this airline should get the new livery on their jets to, you didn't have to be so rude when you said that you know.
  13. this airline needs these jets to have WestJets new livery I know it has this new livery in Tower!3D Pro in the airport LFPG on the B789's for WestJet WJA WS WESTJET B737 https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/c-fwsv#21f56bd5 WJA WS WESTJET B38M can't get any flight information for this at the moment as it is currently grounded until DEC 2019 but I know that WestJet flies this aircraft as it is in CYVR WJA WS WESTJET B738 https://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/ws1509#21ef85f8

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