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  1. Hello Pete, Thank you very much for your help. I will check the values. Best Regards! Dengxie Yin
  2. Dear MR. John Dowson, Thank you very much for your help. Today, my program reads offset x0020 (4 bytes) or 0x0b4c (2bytes) to get GROUND ALTITUDE, but these ground altitude values ONLY to show current runway elevation. During flying, reading GROUND ALTITUDE values always are same as the runway elevation, no change. What is my mistake? Thanks and Best Regards! Dengxie
  3. Dear MR. John Dowson, THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! I will read the values and test it tomrrow. Good Night and Best Regards! Dengxie
  4. THANKS PEPE! You always answer my questions very quickly. I know the altitude of the aircraft. How to get (read) the ground? Which offset? Best Regards! Dengxie
  5. Hello Pete, Good Evening! Is it possible to read the height above ground level (AGL) from FSX or P3D? What offset ? if Yes. THANKS and BEST REGARDS! Dengxie
  6. THANKS PETE! So quickly to answer my question. Good night ! Nice weekend! Dengxie
  7. Hello Pete, Thank you very much for your great help in the past. I use the offset 0x0238 to set the hour of local time (0-23) OK. Now I want to set (write ) season to request your support. At the offset 0x0248, the season values can only be read, not write. What the offset can the season values be written? THANKS and BEST REGARDS! Dengxie
  8. Hello Pete, There is one question to request your help: Only after the FSUIPC is registered, can we use FSX METAR format between the 0xB000 - 0xB7FF to set weather cases? THANKS, PETE!
  9. Hello Pete, We use the Elevation, Height Above Terrain (HAT) and Altitude. While reading your 0x0020 or 0x0B4C values, I print out the reading-values that are always constants. THNAKS for your help!
  10. Hello Pete, Does the your Ground Altitude mean Height Above Terrain (HAT) ? THANKS!
  11. Hello Pete, I have one question to request your help: Offset 0x0020 Ground Altitude in Meters. Is the Ground Altitude the Elevation of Scenery? If not, can I read from your FSUIPC to get the Elevation of Scenery? THANKS!
  12. Hello Pete, Good Morning! Thank you very much for your quick reply. In the past months, I have worked on your FSUIPC, I like to program to interface with your FSUIPC directly. I will try your NWI interface again. If there are any questions, I expect to get your help. THANKS!
  13. Hello Pete, Thank you very much for you to give me so much help! Now I want to ask you the following question: Can I send (write) rain and snow parameters through your FSUIPC to pass to FSX? If Yes, can you give me a short C sample codes? THANKS!
  14. Hello Pete, Just now, I read your previous post: "you'd need to set global Weather mode and set the weather change slider to zero to prevent the weather you set from being changed." Question: How to set the weather change slider to zero? THANKS, PETE!
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