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  1. Hello Pete, Thank you very much for your help. I will check the values. Best Regards! Dengxie Yin
  2. Dear MR. John Dowson, Thank you very much for your help. Today, my program reads offset x0020 (4 bytes) or 0x0b4c (2bytes) to get GROUND ALTITUDE, but these ground altitude values ONLY to show current runway elevation. During flying, reading GROUND ALTITUDE values always are same as the runway elevation, no change. What is my mistake? Thanks and Best Regards! Dengxie
  3. Dear MR. John Dowson, THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! I will read the values and test it tomrrow. Good Night and Best Regards! Dengxie
  4. THANKS PEPE! You always answer my questions very quickly. I know the altitude of the aircraft. How to get (read) the ground? Which offset? Best Regards! Dengxie
  5. Hello Pete, Good Evening! Is it possible to read the height above ground level (AGL) from FSX or P3D? What offset ? if Yes. THANKS and BEST REGARDS! Dengxie
  6. THANKS PETE! So quickly to answer my question. Good night ! Nice weekend! Dengxie
  7. Hello Pete, Thank you very much for your great help in the past. I use the offset 0x0238 to set the hour of local time (0-23) OK. Now I want to set (write ) season to request your support. At the offset 0x0248, the season values can only be read, not write. What the offset can the season values be written? THANKS and BEST REGARDS! Dengxie
  8. Hello Pete, There is one question to request your help: Only after the FSUIPC is registered, can we use FSX METAR format between the 0xB000 - 0xB7FF to set weather cases? THANKS, PETE!
  9. Hello Pete, We use the Elevation, Height Above Terrain (HAT) and Altitude. While reading your 0x0020 or 0x0B4C values, I print out the reading-values that are always constants. THNAKS for your help!
  10. Hello Pete, Does the your Ground Altitude mean Height Above Terrain (HAT) ? THANKS!
  11. Hello Pete, I have one question to request your help: Offset 0x0020 Ground Altitude in Meters. Is the Ground Altitude the Elevation of Scenery? If not, can I read from your FSUIPC to get the Elevation of Scenery? THANKS!
  12. Hello Pete, Good Morning! Thank you very much for your quick reply. In the past months, I have worked on your FSUIPC, I like to program to interface with your FSUIPC directly. I will try your NWI interface again. If there are any questions, I expect to get your help. THANKS!
  13. Hello Pete, Thank you very much for you to give me so much help! Now I want to ask you the following question: Can I send (write) rain and snow parameters through your FSUIPC to pass to FSX? If Yes, can you give me a short C sample codes? THANKS!
  14. Hello Pete, Just now, I read your previous post: "you'd need to set global Weather mode and set the weather change slider to zero to prevent the weather you set from being changed." Question: How to set the weather change slider to zero? THANKS, PETE!
  15. Hello Pete, If it is convenient for you, PLEASE you send me a short METAR weather example (RVA) which can run at the B000 for FSX. THANKS!
  16. Hello Pete, I have not found the Runway Visibility Range (RVA) in your NewWeather.h head file. Can I write values to C800 - CBFF to change RVA? THANKS!
  17. Hello Pete, In your FSX SDK, I found the NewWeather.h as follows, have you NewWeather.c program as example program? THANKS! // Wind structure (size 16 bytes) typedef struct _NewWind { unsigned short UpperAlt; // Metres unsigned short Speed; // Knots unsigned short Gust; // Max gust speed difference, knots unsigned short Direction; // usual 65536 = 360 units unsigned char Turbulence; // 0-4 unsigned char Shear; // 0-3 unsigned short Variance; // direction variability, same units as Direction unsigned short SpeedFract; // 1/65536ths of Knots, for more accurate vector calcs unsigned short GapAbove; // Metres //This is the gap from the top of surface altitude to first layer's base //GapAbove is ignored in layers other than the surface layer, and needs //FSUIC 4.748 or 3.998k minimum. } NewWind; //Visibility structure (size 8 bytes) typedef struct _NewVis { unsigned short UpperAlt; // Metres signed short LowerAlt; // Metres unsigned short Range; // in 1/100ths sm unsigned short Spare; } NewVis; // Cloud structure (size 16 bytes) typedef struct _NewCloud { unsigned short UpperAlt; // Metres unsigned short LowerAlt; // Metres unsigned short Deviation; // Metres unsigned char Coverage; // Octas, 0-8 unsigned char Type; // 1-10 unsigned char Turbulence; // 0-4 unsigned char Icing; // 0-4 signed short PrecipBase; // Metres unsigned char PrecipType; // 0-2 unsigned char PrecipRate; // 0-5 unsigned char TopShape; // ? unsigned char Spare; } NewCloud; // Temperature structure (size 8 bytes) typedef struct _NewTemp { unsigned short Alt; // Metres short Day; // Degrees C short DayNightVar; // Degrees C short DewPoint; // Degrees C } NewTemp; // Pressure structure (size 4 bytes) typedef struct _NewPress { unsigned short Pressure; // 16 x mb short Drift; // ? Maybe } NewPress; // Structure mapped to FSUIPC offsets // C000, C400, C800 and CC00 typedef struct _NewWeather { // Read Read Writ Read unsigned short uCommand; // C000 C400 C800 CC00 unsigned short uFlags; // C002 C402 C802 CC02 // Not used until FSX - see below unsigned int ulSignature; // C004 C404 C804 CC04 char chICAO[4]; // C008 C408 C808 CC08 unsigned short uDynamics; // C00C C40C C80C CC0C // 0=none, 4=extreme unsigned short uSeconds; // C00E C40E C80E CC0E // FSX only -- see below double dLatitude; // C010 C410 C810 CC10 // LLA zero for GLOB or unknown ICAO double dLongitude; // C018 C418 C818 CC18 int nElevation; // C020 C420 C820 CC20 // metres * 65536 unsigned int ulTimeStamp; // C024 C424 C824 CC24 // mSecs since start of session NewPress Press; // C028 C428 C828 CC28 NewVis Vis; // C02C C42C C82C CC2C // Base Vis -- for upper Vis layers see int nTempCtr; // C034 C434 C834 CC34 // Number of temperature layers NewTemp Temp[24]; // C038 C438 C838 CC38 int nWindsCtr; // C0F8 C4F8 C8F8 CCF8 // Number of wind layers NewWind Wind[24]; // C0FC C4FC C8FC CCFC int nCloudsCtr; // C27C C67C CA7C CE7C // Number of Cloud layers (max 16 in FSX, was 24 NewCloud Cloud[16]; // C280 C680 CA80 CE80 char chUTCstamp[6]; // C380 C780 CB80 CF80 // UTC time stamp on METAR (internal use) unsigned short fWriteback; // C386 C786 CB86 CF86 // Flags for writing back to FSX (internal use only) unsigned long ulSettingTimeStamp; // C388 c788 CB88 CF88 // Timestamp METAR sent (internal use) int nUpperVisCtr; // C38C C78C CB8C CF8C // Number of upper Vis layer (new in FSX) NewVis UpperVis[12]; // C390 C790 CB90 CF90 unsigned short uSpare[8]; // C3F0 C7F0 CBF0 CFF0 } NewWeather; #define MAXVISLAYERS 12 #define MAXTEMPLAYERS 24 #define MAXWINDLAYERS 24 #define MAXCLOUDLAYERS 16 //Commands (for set weather area only) #define NW_SET 1 // Set weather via FSUIPC user filters #define NW_SETEXACT 2 // Set weather bypassing user filters #define NW_CLEAR 3 // Clear all weather, but leave dynamic setting alone #define NW_DYNAMICS 4 // Set weather dynamics (from uDynamics value) #define NW_GLOBAL 5 // (FSX) Put FS into Global weather mode //You sohuld write only 'GLOB' weather after this, which will be applied everywhere. #define NW_METAR 128 // DON'T USE! (Internal setting when weather written via string at B000. (FSX)) #define NW_SET_PENDING 257 // Set weather using filters, but don't activate in FS yet #define NW_SETEXACT_PENDING 258 // Set weather bypassing filters, but don't activate in FS yet #define NW_ACTIVATE 256 // Activate pending weather settings //Flags for FSX weather setting #define NWF_SECONDS 1 /* Set this flag if "Seconds" value is to be used in setting weather in FSX This applies to weather set via NWI values or via the NEXT Metar string written to B000. It's a "one shot" flag, cleared after use. The Seconds value determines whether the weather change is effective immediately or after a delay, gradually "blending" into the existing weather. */ // The 4 distinct areas are used as follows: // C000 - read only, maintains current interpolated weather at aircraft // C400 - read only, maintains last written global weather values // C800 - write area to set weather according to Command, flags, etc etc. // CC00 - selected read (via signature + ICAO), reads weather at weather station or GLOB
  18. Pete, Yesterday you sent me the METAR (SimConnect) for Prepar3D, however, I am now working on FSX for RVA. If it is convenient for you that I hope you can send me the METAR for RVA of FSX. I have not any FSX METAR for RVA, just looking up Internet, try, try, try,...... FSX RVA. THANKS!
  19. Dear Mr. Pete Dowson, Sorry! I have to request your help. I am working on FSX and your FSUIPC, not P3D. I have spent a lot of time to try FSUIPC Weather. Now basically, I can change the visibility. But I try to many ways for RVA as following programs, Frankfort EDDF-07C Runway, no RVA changes. sprintf(TxBuffer,"GLOB EDDF R07C/0500FT"); if (FSUIPC_Write(0xB000, strlen(TxBuffer)+1, (void *)TxBuffer, &dwResult)) FSUIPC_Process(&dwResult); sprintf(TxBuffer,"GLOB EDDF R07C/0500V1000FT"); if (FSUIPC_Write(0xB000, strlen(TxBuffer)+1, (void *)TxBuffer, &dwResult)) FSUIPC_Process(&dwResult); ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have read your many answers to the FSUIPC Weather questions, and also I have not found a solution. So I request you to help me the RVR . THANKS, PETE!
  20. Thank you very much for your quick reply, PETE! Pete : EDDF R18/P2000FT. What is that supposed to mean? Dengxie: EDDF for Frankfort ICAO, Runway 18 and RVR 2000 FT. Best Regards!
  21. Dear Mr. Pete Dowson, At present, I am working on FSX and your FSUIPC for the weather, and I have the following questions to request your help: 1) Offset B000 is METAR format (Text) and Offset C000 is NWI (Binary), which is the better to write weather to your FSUIPC? 2) The following program is sometimes work, sometime not. if (Visibility == 1) sprintf(TxBuffer,"EDDF 1SM"); else if (Visibility == 2) sprintf(TxBuffer,"EDDF 2SM"); else if (Visibility == 4) sprintf(TxBuffer,"EDDF 4SM"); else if (Visibility == 8) sprintf(TxBuffer,"EDDF 8SM"); else sprintf(TxBuffer,"EDDF 20SM"); if (FSUIPC_Write(0xB000, strlen(TxBuffer)+1, (void *)TxBuffer, &dwResult)) FSUIPC_Process(&dwResult); 3) The following program is not work, what is my wrong? if (Visibility == 1) sprintf(TxBuffer,"EDDF R18/P600FT"); else if (Visibility == 2) sprintf(TxBuffer,"EDDF R18/P800FT"); else if (Visibility == 3) sprintf(TxBuffer,"EDDF R18/P1000FT"); else if (Visibility == 4) sprintf(TxBuffer,"EDDF R18/P1200FT"); else if (Visibility == 5) sprintf(TxBuffer,"EDDF R18/P1400FT"); else sprintf(TxBuffer,"EDDF R18/P2000FT"); if (FSUIPC_Write(0xB000, strlen(TxBuffer)+1, (void *)TxBuffer, &dwResult)) FSUIPC_Process(&dwResult); 4) Where can I get the METAR standard decode for your FSUIPC? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you very much for your courteous attention. Dengxie
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