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  1. How do I uninstall fsuipc7 ? it won't let me delete the folder and it is messing up my graphics.
  2. How do i create macro mouse in FSIPC 7?
  3. Pete, Is there any action that would do the exact opposite of toggle?
  4. Can I make one key for two lvars that need to be press at the same time?
  5. Pete acording to Aerosoft: 0336: ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_CHANGE 0337: ASCRJ_FCP_WHEEL_CHANGE The values to be used there are delta values. The meaning of WHEEL_CHANGE depands on WHEEL_MODE 0343: ASCRJ_FCP_WHEEL_MODE This can be Pitch or VS Is there any way that you know using lvars I can make those two knobs into key commands on a keyboard?
  6. Pete all's I am trying to figure out is if I have a Knob that increases and decrease, can I set up a - key command and + key command using lvars and if so how? My goal is to be able to hit the "Q" key and have my vertical speed knob go up and "Z" key to go down. the parameter is 0 Dan
  7. I am also confused about When I use what action to use. For example, L:ASCRJ_FCP_WHEEL wouldn't it be Inc to increase the Vert Speed and Dec to decreses the vert speed? if now why
  8. Pete, I set up L:vars for all the EICAS buttons in the CRJ, but only my L: is showing up on FSUIPC. Why is that? below is the macro code. I attache a copy of the FSUIPC4.log. [Macros] 1=L:ASCRJ_ECAM_PRI=Toogle 2=L:ASCRJ_ECAM_STAT=Toogle 3=L:ASCRJ_ECAM_ECS=Toogle 4=L:ASCRJ_ECAM_HYD=Toogle 5=L:ASCRJ_ECAM_ELEC=Toogle 6=L:ASCRJ_ECAM_FUEL=Toggle 7=L:ASCRJ_ECAM_FCTL=Toogle 8=L:ASCRJ_ECAM_AICE=Toogle 9=L:ASCRJ_ECAM_DOORS=Toogle 10=L:ASCRJ_ECAM_CAS=Toogle 11=L:ASCRJ_ECAM_STEP=Toogle
  9. OK, I get what you are saying but how do I use for the value and how do I figure them out? Dan
  10. Pete, First thanks for the help. second I tried to make one on my own and it still is not working [Macros] 1=L:ASCRJ_ECAM_DOORS=Set What am I doing wrong? thirdly, I don't understand what you are saying about the differnent paramatter below, can you explain it to me better. I am not a code writer. i'm just a disabled guy trying to make the jet more accesible for me. Also do i have to make a macro file for ever key command
  11. Can you write me an example of the code I am new and don't have a clue what I am doing Dan
  12. Pete, I got a list of lvars from Aerosoft CRJ and I want to turn them into keyboard commands but I don't know how? I new to using Lvars and I want to be able to control the mcp knobs from my keyboard. Below are a list of lvars from aerosoft. Can you help me? Dan 0373: ASCRJ_FCP_WHEEL 0374: ASCRJ_FCP_CRS1_CHANGE 0375: ASCRJ_FCP_CRS2_CHANGE 0376: ASCRJ_FCP_SPEED_CHANGE 0377: ASCRJ_FCP_HDG_CHANGE 0378: ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_CHANGE 0379: ASCRJ_FCP_WHEEL_CHANGE 0380: ASCRJ_FCP_SPEED_INFO 0381: ASCRJ_FCP_SPEED_MODE 0382: ASCRJ_FCP_HDG_INFO 0383: ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_INFO 0384:
  13. Hi I just purchased a subscription and was able to create an account. However, when I click the activation email it is sending me to the registration page and telling me that my account is not activated.
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