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  1. Been using this for the past several days with no problems. Thanks for the increased functionality.
  2. @bartccost Thanks, reading is very difficult for me since I have only been doing it my entire life. Since it appears that he has quite a bit of knowledge regarding the subject. I was asking him a question about his experience and if he had attempted to do it from pushback. I was hoping he would be able to share his knowledge and testing in more detail. Feel free not to respond if you don't have anything constructive. Thanks! @EliGrim Thanks for sharing very good stuff!
  3. @pete_agreatguy Could this be changed to allow taxi runways from pushback?
  4. I guess am a dummy and haven't played in awhile. KLAS and KATL won't work for me and stops at 74%. How do you go about re downloading real traffic. I still have a copy of my purchase just can't figure out how to get it.
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