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  1. Hi Simon, I have found out what I had been doing wrong. I was originally just double clicking the flight in STB and watching the plane from there thinking that it was using 'Follow AI' but then it would disappear after a while. However if I did this then right clicked the flight and selected 'Follow AI' in the drop down menu, the camera would follow the plane completely from take-off to landing and parking. I had just assumed that double clicking the flight on STB would automatically select 'Follow AI' (which I have now found out it doesn't). Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi Simon, I tried what you said and found out that my 'Tower Controller' view didn't move at all. I may also have settings in STB set up wrong. I have got remove departures after 5 minutes set and hide airborne flights after 5 minutes set as well. I know this doesn't change the follow me but it did make it disappear from the STB board. These 2 settings were when I wanted flights at a busy airport to clear quick so that others could show on the board. I may just try having an aircraft sitting at a gate to see if this makes any difference instead of using the tower controller as a vehicle. Thanks. Tony.
  3. Hi Simon, The exact procedure is as follows: Run P3D v4.3 and wait for the main page to show. Click 'Change Airport' and select EGWU (Northwood AB). To the left at the bottom select the drop down menu of 'Starting Location' and scroll all the way to the bottom until you see 'Tower Controller' and select this. Click OK and this will take you back to the main screen. This has now made 'Tower Controller' your aircraft. (Most airports it will put you in an actual control tower but Northwood doesn't seem to do that for some reason). Select the local time as 9:45 and click ok to run the sim. Once it has loaded in, start STB and connect. Scroll down and find Northolt AB - There will be 1 departure - Cessna C152 - G-ADKD going to Pembrey at 9:45pm. Double click this on STB and you will now be looking at it from the outside. Left click the yellow bar and select 'Listen to AI ATC'. You are now in the full setup of where I got to. Now just wait and watch. The plane will taxi, take off, change heading and climb to 10,000 feet and after approx. 30 minutes (or maybe less) the plane will just disappear. I was just assuming that the plane would make it's full journey and land but whatever airport / plane I select (even short journeys) the plane just disappears and takes me to some other random aircraft with an outside view. I hope this helps you understand what I am doing and if this can be solved in any way. Thank you for your time. Kind regards, Tony.
  4. I was actually using the P3D airport tower view as an aircraft (so no actual aircraft selected for myself). I was watching a light aircraft which took off from Northolt and was on it's way to somewhere I cannot now remember - somewhere near Brize Norton. I think the plane had almost reached its destination flying at 10,000 feet when it suddenly disappeared after over 30 minutes flying. I have also watched a few different aircraft at Heathrow which seem to fly for about 15 minutes then disappear. I use the ATC follow too so I hear the plane being passed from one airspace controller to another which is a great idea.
  5. Hi Simon, I am using STB for P3D v4 version 4.2.2018.13500 which it says is the latest version. AHA - I didn't realise there was a newer update. I have downloaded and installed it and now all of the logos are there. Thank you and keep up the good work. Tony.
  6. Hi Simon, I have P3D v4.3 and Traffic Global. I noticed that in version that British Airways didn’t have a logo in STB instead it just said Speedbird. I have just installed the latest TG v1.0.1.7 and not only is BA still showing Speedbird but others that I thought were there previously have now disappeared with just an airline name instead for example SAS. Does this need to be updated or are you aware of this? while I am here I have another question.... I have been using the follow an AI plane and using the ATC that follows the plane from take-off to landing. Every plane I have tried to follow just disappears after a while and I am left looking at a red piper cub instead. Is this a bug in STB? Thank you, Tony.
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