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  1. Paul/John, just want to offer my remarks on the pricing... I've ALWAYS thought the pricing is actually insane! Pay once, get improvements/updates for ever - MADNESS I SAY?!?!?! You have always provided such excellent and highly responsive support for the product(s) over the years and it is an absolute necessity for most serious simmers. Having to simply pay once for each platform version - and with discounts for newer platforms into the bargain - I think you are one of the best and truly most important, add-ons we have. I'm off to purchase the MSFS version, having been beta test
  2. Seems like the pause is working correctly now, I'm not seeing the In Menu flag setting though. Both P the ESC result in 6 returned, then each are cleared down correctly. Example: hit ESC get the "4" value, but then opening any menu such as General/Assistance/Controls etc, doesn't seem to change the x3365 value... remains at zero.
  3. John, funny, that's what I thought!! I was SURE I'd got it all working as "expect" and was just doing a final test yesterday before a release of my ACARS when I discovered the problem. I'm betting on the last update broke it
  4. To add to the discussion/nightmare 😮 I'm also "trying" to determine the PAUSE states offset x264 (given the Active Pause can't be detected) and discovered the following, not sure if it's with FSUIPC or an Asobo problem, I'm guessing the latter; Using the "P" keyboard pause, the value returned is 2 and this clears down to 0 when the Ctrl-"P" is seen. You get a "pause" and "un-pause" as expected. Using the ESC-style pause, heading to the menus, the value returned is 4 and this clears down to 0 when the second ESC is seen. You get a "pause" and "un-pause" as expected. So far,
  5. I've a 15,000+ line vb.net project (ACARS) that I'm converting to C# and it's helping immensely.
  6. It may be worth checking out https://converter.telerik.com/ which is a rather useful C# -> VB.Net and the reverse converter. It can quickly show you the structure of something you already have such as the examples you may be looking at.
  7. Pete, No, I wasn't involved at all pre-release, this is a "simple" gamepass new install once released!
  8. I wonder if that relates to/is an issue with the Steam version? I've got the gamepass version, installed in a custom folder and the path; K:\MSFS\Official\OneStore\asobo-aircraft-c172sp-as1000\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_C172sp_AS1000 contains an aircraft.cfg file! Seems there's a lot that's not "standardized" in MSFS <sigh>
  9. Pete, After a little searching it is still there, but now contained in the engines.cfg file For what it's worth, here's the default A320 section; [GENERALENGINEDATA] engine_type = 1 ; 0=Piston, 1=Jet, 2=None, 3=Helo-Turbine, 4=Rocket, 5=Turboprop fuel_flow_scalar = 1 ; Fuel flow scalar min_throttle_limit = -0.2 ; Minimum percent throttle. Generally negative for turbine reverser master_ignition_switch = 0 starter_type = 2 ; 0=Electric, 1=Manual, 2=Bleed Air max_contrail_temperature = -39.724 Engine.0 = -6, -19.2, -4 ThrustAnglesPitchHeading.0 = 0, 0 Engine.1
  10. The A320Neo. Using an add-on livery though I doubt that matters. I can check it again, but I record the weight and fuel along with several other parameters frequently in my BAV Acars program, and another tester also reported the same thing.
  11. Those would all be really helpful - thanks in advance if they're able to be provided 🙂
  12. Just an FYI - looks like this offset isn't updated after its initial value? Asobo issue?
  13. Download the latest version links at top fo the Announcement page, it's included in there...
  14. Read the "README.txt" that comes with FSUIPC7... Under Missing Functionality "2. lVar access: pending facilities to be provided (if lVars still exist!)"
  15. John, thanks for the info/update. Pity about the path, hopefully/possibly they will set a registry entry in future... Not sure if it's because I'm using the FSUIPCClient.dll, but the first call to open the connection shows the following data in 0x3124 = 0 and 0x3308 = 13 I'm assuming the latter is because it's hard coded since FSUIPC7 is explicitly for MSFS. The 0x3124 offset does correctly change from 0 to 110 (currently) after the sim is started.
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