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  1. Wante

    A380 not following flightplan

    I got this problem, when the Wilco A380 follows the programed flight plan at the beginning. But after like 1000 - 1500 NM, it just banks left or right, leaving the flightplan. I´ve resolved all the discontinues in my Flightplan, but the aircraft still wont follow the flightplan. Another problem is that I have updated the FMC Data, and followed the steps in the support tab on wilcopub.com, but when I load the aircraft the system tells me that the saved flightplans current AIRAC cycle is not the same as the one in A380. I´ve checked the version of the AIRAC in the fellthere folder, and the folder for A380, and they are exactly the same. The 3:rd and most annoying problem is that all the sudden, the engines shuts down, and I´ll have to restart them in flight
  2. When I´m trying to set the arrival runway in the FMGC, the simulator crashes and exit to Windows. I tried following the steppes in the troubleshooting guide by highligthing the FSX folder, and change the security setting ( Did it for all users just to be sure ). I,´ve tried running it as administrator, I installed it as administrator, but nothing seems to be working, the simulator still crashes. If anyone could come up with a solution to this problem I would be really happy :)

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