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  1. Hi Pete


    thanks for your reply, I found the issue. I had forgot to uninstall p3d v5 from my D drive when I first installed and fsuipc has installed into that folder. After re-downloading p3d with hotfix, I installed it into the Ssd on G drive and rerun installer for fsuipc which found it on D drive.

    all up and running now. Now just got to get voxatc working ūü§£



  2. Hi Pete

    I don't usually start the NGXu from cold and dark out of quickness, but with being on lockdown, I have plenty of time to start.

    I run a full home cockpit with the overhead panel etc and discovered an issue that I wanted to confirm wasn't just my setup

    Usually on the NGX I had fsuipc with the parameter numbers, ie 0, 1 or 2 etc

    So for example Bus Gen Switch (On & Off) was set like

    Control Set when Button Pressed

    Custom Control 69659 
    Para - 2 (for switch on)

    Control Set when Button Release

    Customer Control 69659
    Para - 1 (Switch Off)

    This always worked, however, now when I set that up on the NGXu, I can see the switch move in the virtual Overhead panel but it doesn't action the command, just moves the switch unless I use:

    Control Set when Button Pressed

    Custom Control 69659 
    Para - 536870912 (for switch on)

    Control Set when Button Release

    Customer Control 69659
    Para - -2147483648 (Switch Off)


    Just wondering if this is correct

    It seems to only effect things that are On & Off, everything else that has 3 or more commands still work with the Para numbers as usual, 0, 1, 2, 3, etc like the DC Meter switch, Packs etc

    but things like the Gen Bus which is only off / on, or Ground power is only off / on, seem to have to use the mouse click para instead

    Just to clarify, I'm using p3D v4.5 and PMDG latest update NGXu with FSUIPC 5.155


  3. Thanks Pete

    I'll leave it in your capable hands. I'll re-install my NGX for the time being, at least I guess, if this can be fixed in the very near future, then when the time comes for MS 2020, it should be straight forward, fingers crossed.

    You have my email now, so when needed for testing etc, you can catch me on that if that's easier. 

    Thanks again



  4. I Pete

    I spoke with PMDG and they said they have made minimal changes to the H file. They have said 99.9% of the H file is the same. I can send you them if needed tho. 

    Your other question, PMDG did say that they won't be releasing anything until fs 2020 comes out, but they obviously decided to release it 2 days ago for P3D 4.5 but will credit 100% against the ms 2020 when its ready.


  5. Hi hoping someone can help!

    installed the new pmdg ng3 last night and most things are working with my cockpit apart from outputs.

    none of my 7 segments work apart from radios and no annunciations work at all. I use fsuipc and mobiflight which worked perfectly with the ngx but not since the new ng3.

    ive enabled the SDK, so was wondering how I find the new offsets that may have been used to control the annunciations?

    i checked the SDK H file but no offsets in there outputs only input buttons and switches 

    thanks for any help 

  6. Hi Pete

    I have a slight issue with the engine 1 and have spoken with PMDG who have said remove the fsuipc.ini file from the modules folder and all should work again, this was true, but I need fsuipc, so there help stopped at that.

    I'm running windows 10, FSX (DVD) and fsuipc.. I have a full Throttle Quadrant with a leo bodnar card installed, I have set the PMDg fmc engine start switches with key commands as the manual said, Ctrl shift + F1 for engine 1 Idle, ctrl shift F2 Engine 1 Cut etc. I have used a button (engine switch lever on the QT) and mapped this to a keypress ctrl, shift F1.. This seems to operate perfectly, but. If I start the cockpit in Cold and Dark, Engine 1 will only spool to 20.4 and won't give me any thrust power, the engine oil temp also only rises to 13, where as engine 2 spools to 21.4 given full thrust and oil temp of 78. 

    If I move the fsuipc file out of the module folder, it works, so it appears to be something in FSUIPC which I haven't done right. 

    I've found another post of yours, explaining about the H file and to add a number, I've found this in my H file


    Then you said to the other guy, Look at the top of the file and this will give you the "Third Party Event ID".... I've looked all over the file, but see nothing relating to this third part event id.. Am I right in thinking that this Event ID, is actually located in the PMDG_737NGX_Event_IDS and is therefore listed below


    Control Stand                        SDK   EVENT ID


    So do I add 688 to the 70316 to make 71008 or do I use that SDK number and event id as above (70316 + 684 = 71000)


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