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  1. danke für keine antwort
  2. Hello first of all thanks for the work on the flight plan. But I have some problems with that, many approaches and departures are confused or far behind. I mean, that the flights between 11 o'clock and 20 o'clock with most lines only from 20 o'clock come, scarcely is that one plane arrived the same already going on, and the next one is already in the approach then again immediately must go , There's a mess in the file ... This concerns the following airlines RYR, ESY, ESZ, TAP, THY, NRS, BAW and and and What went wrong?
  3. danilars

    Problem Real Color

    I am having problems with the real color data. Since I don't understand English very well I have to work with translators. The painting of many airlines are distorted, round or striped symbols, and in others they are moved and in the wrong place where they do not belong. An image I wanted to upload but it is too big as allowed. have also ever downloaded and installed, but with the same result. Can anyone help me in the matter?

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