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  1. Not sure what occured, but things seem to be working fine now. Here's what I did that seemed to resolve te issue... I downloaded the CYVR Real Color zip file and the updated Real Traffic zip file again, but this time I installed the CYVR Real Color first and then installed the updated Real Traffic. This seemed to make things right. Previously, I had done things in reverse, ie. install Real Traffic and then Real Color. Thank you all once again for all of your input and suggestions. I can't say enough good things about this community! Cheers!
  2. Have just purchased the new CYVR airport (Steam Edition) and Real Color for CYVR. Have installed Real Color as per instructions, however, I am still seeing the default airlines/liveries. Can anyone offer some help please? Thanks in advance. BTW... have also updated Real Traffic for Tower 3D pro to RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v13, if that helps.
  3. Hey DeltaVII, WOW! First and foremost, thank you VERY much for your input! I'm very grateful, (that goes without saying, really.) And you are absolutely correct, I did purchase my computer in 2015. At the time, "the latest and greatest in gaming laptops", or so I was told. And it has been a really awesome piece of kit, not only allowing me some excellent gaming, but has also served me very well with video production freelance work. (Haven't been able to work in a real job since a near-fatal and crippling MVA in 2010, so am only able to provide editing, gfx and animation work from my home.) I just don't know if I am even capable of performing such an elaborate task. More than half of those things you mention, I don't even know exist or where or how to find them! lol As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm not really very computer savvy (like not at all) and quite honestly, I think I'd just end up really "screwing the pooch" if I were to attempt something like this. Let me ask you though, I would assume that this is something that I could have the techs at the computer store where I bought my computer, do for me? I certainly don't have a problem paying someone to fix my computer if, by the sound of things, it really needs it. And I did in fact, bring it back to the store from where I purchased it, just last week to see if they could find any problems with it. They say that they ran a full diagnostic check (a $90 bench fee) on all the systems and that they could not find anything out of sorts with it. The OS is up to date, all the drivers are up to date, programs are all updated and according to them, its running very well, given its age and the components within. In response to you mentioning that I probably haven't re-installed the OS since I first bought it, I did have some issues within the first couple of weeks after I purchased it, that were related to the original OS that the system came with and I do know that they did do a reinstall of the OS and the original drivers and stuff that the computer came with. I couldn't, however, tell you if that had anything to do with the problem with the OS updates that you mention. (It originally came loaded with Windows 8, but they changed it to Windows 10 at that time.) My main concern with applying your fix, is that I just don't think I have the proper knowledge to perform such a task, without screwing things up worse. Another question for you, and I don't know if you can help with this one, but.... admittedly, I have had an incredible amount of trouble trying to get Tracon to run, however, I have been able, on occassion, to get it to run and other than a couple of little buggy things, it runs just fine, when it runs. My question, and what really makes me scratch my head is, why does it run sometimes, but not run, most of the time? I will attach my game log file to this post and maybe there is something in it that you could see that will tell you why. I look at it, and it is just words on a page to me. It just strikes me as odd, how Tower 3D (similar in coding, etc. I would assume) runs perfectly, yet Tracon does not, and why Tracon will work on occassion, but mostly doesn't. Things that are obviously way above my pay grade, as I haven't a clue as to why this occurs. Now one thing that I did notice, but can't tell you if this happens each time, but yesterday when I tried run Tracon, the usual issue of start, spawn, crash happened about a dozen times in a row, but on the last attempt, when it first loaded but before the first departure had a chance to spawn, I moved the command window to the opposite side of the screen. My screen kind of "burped" (flickered in and out for a moment) and then the first departure spawned and it ran just fine for a couple of hours, until I closed it. Just as oddly, when I opened it immediately after this session and tried to run it again, again the start, spawn, crash issue started all over again. And again, why I'm so confused (frustrated). It doesn't work, it works, it doesn't work, it works..... It's making me crazzzzzy! 😮 Again, thank you so much DeltaVII, and all of the rest of you out there as well, who have tried to help me with this issue! I really can't thank you all enough! And since Steam has basically told me to "suck it", and FeelThere can't really help ("it's not the software, it's your computer"), you all are really my only hope at resolving this issue I'm having with Tracon. I just hope that I am able to find a fix that will allow me the same stellar performance in Tracon, that I get with Tower. In the meantime, perhaps we'll get to meet in a MP session of Tower 3D. Until then, Blue Skies, my friends! Brian game.zip
  4. Thanks so much for this one! And I personally, would love to see some more custom schedules! Great job!
  5. Ahhh... That would make sense. Thanks Craig. Is there something that I can do about that? Can I use the original schedule file? Or possibly create a new one? Or does Feel There have a replacement file, since it's not included in the Real Traffic upgrade? Thanks again Craig, your help has been invaluable! Brian
  6. Here's the next installment in my ongoing battle with Tracon 2012.... I have now completely uninstalled Tracon 2012, all of my DLC and Real traffic. I then ran CCleaner and Spybot. CCleaner came up with a few minor errors, mostly all to do with temp files in my browser. I cleaned those up, ran it again and it came back with no issues. Same with Spybot, I ran it and it came back with no issues. I then re-installed Tracon 2012 alone and just to be on the safe side, ran CCleaner again. No issues. I tried to run Tracon, but the same issue occured again. Would load up and upon the first departure spawning, it just crashed out. I did the "verify files" in Steam and it came back with the same error it always does, 4 files are bad and will be replaced. Ran verify again, and got no errors. Tried running Tracon again, but still the same issue. Open, spawn , crash. Ran verify again, got the 4 file issue again, ran it again and it came back clean again. Tried to run Tracon again, same thing - Open, spawn , crash. I tried to add the DLC again. (I'm really just grasping at straws here now.) Same thing. Frustrated and really disappointed, I just kept trying to run it over and over again and on about the 6th or 7th try, it actually opened, and started spawning departures! WOOHOO!! *(Screenshot attached) But as I had removed real traffic, it was working with just the generic false airlines. But it was working, which was great. It did have a few bugs though.... Upon the first radio call from a plane departing, when I would call back with "[flt num] Radar contact", the plane would call back with "Negative". I'd have to make this "Radar contact" call a number of times before I would be successful. Also, when it came time to make the hand off to centre, it would take several attempts at clicking on the plane to get it to flash, so I could make the handoff. There were also a few planes (only on the Gorman departure), that I was unable to get them to flash, so I could make the hand off and was therefore penalized for unhandled aircraft. But at least it was working. No idea why, but it was working. I then tried installing Real Traffic again. That only added a Feel There folder, which contained a folder called "Tracon!2012" into my Tracon!2012SE folder. Inside that "Tracon!2012" folder are two folders titled "Airplanes" and "Databases". Inside the "Airplanes" folder are two other folders called "icons" and "lights". These both just contain a few .tga files. Also in this "Airplanes" folder is a long list of aircraft. (Screenshot attached.) Inside the databases folder are 4 files, "airlines", "airplanes", "gaandlocaltraffic" and "sidstar_cfg". This install did nothing however, within the game. It was still just loading all of the generic planes. So, not knowing what else to do, I made copies of the original folders (airplanes and databases) and stored them safely away and then copied the Real Traffic airplanes and databases folders into my Tracon!2012SE folder to replace the originals, with these new RT ones. This seemed to work, the first real world plane spawned and made its initial call, I was able to make my "Radar Contact" call, and also give it a climb and maintain altitude call. The problem now is this first plane appears to be just sitting at the end of the runway and doesn't move. It replies to my climb and maintain altitude call, it just doesn't move and as such, no other planes spawn after that. All of this is kind of moot however, as when I closed the game and then went to re-open it later to try and play again, I just got the same original issue again - Open, spawn , crash. And this last time, I could not get it to work again, no matter how many times I tried to open it. I even went so far as to unintall everything again and re-install just Tracon, but no luck. It just would not let me play again. This all happened yesterday and last night. I have no idea why, it all of a sudden started working and even less idea why it won't start again now. Other than to tell me to "get bent" and stop wasting space in the forum (lol), if any of you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. I had an awesome time playing while I was able, but wish I could find out what the issue is and get it sorted out so that it would just plain work every time. I'd also really like to figure out the whole Real Traffic issue as well, but most important is getting it to just run every time. That really is first and foremost. The Real Traffic issue is definitely secondary, but once I can get the other sorted, I would like to get this one sorted out as well. Thanks again to all of you, for your suggestions, patience and help. I am very grateful to you all. Brian
  7. Hi Craig, Thank you for this info. Should I attempt to reinstall Real Traffic, or just copy the contents of the two folders in the FeelThere folder into my Tracon folder, overwriting what's there now?
  8. Hi Craig, So sorry about those files, I had no idea. (Told you I wasn't very computer savvy). I have removed them from the message. The feel there has a folder called Tracon2012 and in that folder are two folders. One called databases and one called airplanes. My install is a bit different than I would guess a normal one would be. I have two hard drives in my computer. One is small and is the system drive - windows and the like and the other one is much larger, 1 TB, and it has all of my other program files - including Steam and it's games Tower, Tracon etc. So when I run the installer for Real Traffic, I have to change the default installation location from c : 😄to d: etc. Am wondering if this could be why I don't have the real traffic airlines etc in Tracon. I had to do the same for Tower and it works just fine so I wouldn't think it would be an issue, but..... Maybe?
  9. Okay, so here's the latest in the ungoing saga of Brian's Tracon frustrations.... I did a complete uninstall of both Tracon and Real Traffic. I have installed Tracon only. It is back to crashing out again, as soon as I start the game. Craig, I've attached a screenshot of the databases folder as it is right now. (Without Real Traffic installed). I am also attaching all of the .txt files within the databases folder and a screenshot of the airplanes folder. One thing I notice, is that the airplanes folder is now different from the original one (when I first installed Tracon but before I ever tried installing Real Traffic). Originally, there were only a few generic plane files and now there are a ton of different planes. (Scratching head now. Banging it against the wall was giving me a headache! ) I did look for a recovery/restore option, to try to restore my computer to when Tracon was working earlier this afternoon, but can't seem to find anything like that. In my settings I have an option to restore it back to how it was when I first bought it, but there are no other restore points. At least, none that I can find. (I still have no idea why it was all of a sudden working earlier today, but now is not working again. This is obviously way beyond my pay grade!)
  10. And now for some unknown reason, it has stopped working and started crashing out like before again! Can you hear that? That's the sound of my head banging against the wall!
  11. Hi Ariel, One problem that still exists though.... I had purchased Real Traffic for Tracon 2012 at the same time as I purchased Tracon. I did install it however, the generic airlines, not the real traffic, are still showing up in Tracon. I purchased Real Traffic directly from your site because Steam does not have it available for purchase through them. Is there something different during the installation that I should be doing to have Real Traffic work in my Steam edition of Tracon? As always, any help you can give me would be most appreciated. Thank you, Brian
  12. Hi Ariel, Yes, that is correct, those screenshots were taken while Tracon was not open. I will send a screenshot of the task manager with it open. I will attach it to this message. Maybe there is something there that you can see that will explain the why I am having this issue. So.... I just opened Tracon so that I could grab a screenshot of the task manager with it open and while it was open, I thought I'd just give it one more try to see if I could see if there was anything else going on while it crashes, that I could tell you to help figure this out. Well.... this time when I clicked start, it started and didn't crash out and started spawning departures!! I have no idea why it all of a sudden has started working and if it's going to continue to work, but right now, it's actually working!! WOOHOO!! I haven't changed anything at all, however, yesterday I did download a demo of Euro Truck Simulator and maybe it changed something to make Tracon work. I have no clue! I'm just so darn happy to see it actually working!! Now I just have to figure out how to play it! Thank you so very much, again, for all of your help in troubleshooting this issue for me. Maybe you can see something that can explain why it is all of a sudden working. Thank ALL of you for all of your help and support! Brian
  13. Hi Darklighter, The only process that I could see in the task manager was one called "Speech Runtime Executable". I ended that task in the task manager, re-loaded the game and unfortunately, the same issue happened. I also purchased a program called "CCleaner" that was recommended in this forum, to clean the registry and get rid of unused and corrupt files. I ran it and it did find a great number of issues, which I had the program fix. I re-ran it again just to make sure and when I did this the second time, it came back with everything being okay. This also did not fix the issue. I'm hoping that someone here can see something in the pics of my task manager that can point me in the right direction. Once again, as always, thank you all so much for your help and support. Brian
  14. Hi Darklighter, Thank you for this info. I will give that a try. FeelThere Ariel, Attached are screenshots of my task manager. I took these immediately after first starting up my computer. Sorry that there are so many of them, it's a long list and I had to scroll through it to get them all. Also, I don't know if this matters, but I did notice that someone had posted something about multiple monitors. Now I don't use multiple monitors to play, however I do have my computer set up to utilize my HDMI port connected to my television for things like Netflix and youtube videos. Could that in some way cause this issue I'm having? I can easily remove my TV as a display device if that is indeed a problem. Once again, I want to thank you ALL, VERY MUCH for all of the help that you have been offering to me. I appreciate it so very much. (Especially considering that Steam refuses to refund my purchases, as it is now 3 weeks + since I made my initial purchase and even though they say that they base their refunds on a case by case basis, they say that I am beyond their standard 14-day refund window. So now I'm hoping for a solution more than ever!) Thank you ALL! You're an awesome community, of which I'm very glad to be a part. Thank you, Brian Funfer
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