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  1. I'm using a schedule maker program, and wanted to alter some of the local traffic to include more maneuvers. I just looked at the schedule that it made, and can't tell which flights are local, nor do I see anything different in any of the flights to indicate maneuvers. Can somebody tell me the syntax that indicates local flights, and the syntax for local maneuvers? Thanks much!
  2. Still voting for KORD, KMIA, and Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM). An update to include "cross runway XXX" command would be nice, as would making taxiing aircraft still stop at runways after they've stopped before another runway or taxiway by command (hold short of run/taxiway XXX") but I just love the game and am not one of those who say, "Nuthin' until they make a new release."
  3. Runways can be used as taxiways. I do it regularly in Boston and Philadelphia. I've only been able to do it via keyboard and not voice, though.
  4. Just my two cents worth here. With all of the talk about specialized airports, I just took a look at the satellite view for Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM)... in addition to KMIA and KORD, that is what I would vote for. I'm not in the group of, "Let's get a new version of T3D before any more airports are released," but some additional features (cross runway XX, etc...) would be fun. I love playing this game, and applaud Feelthere for it... Lee
  5. In this string, back in early 2017, Feelthere said that we'd be seeing the Tower 2011 airports sooner or later. I never got the 2011 version, but I would REALLY like to see O'Hare and Miami. Any ideas when? (I know, I'm a bloody Yankee, so I don't rejoice over things in Europe... sorry...) Lee
  6. Thank you so much! You are a gentleman and a scholar. Lee
  7. OK... now that I've been really enjoying the game, I have an interesting question. All of my voice commands work EXCEPT: VIA when trying to direct departures. I can use via when directing arrivals, but RUNWAY XX VIA .... (AND PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY XX VIA) doesn't work. All of the taxiway directing commands work when typing. Lee
  8. That worked, Thank you! That one step fixed all of the issues!
  9. Can somebody from Feelthere, or even an advanced user please help me? I absolutely do not understand what you folks mean with some of the terms you have stated. WIN 10, 12 MB RAM, 3.6ghz A12 processor. (1) I bought an NVidea GT 1300 (2GB video memory) card and installed it into my computer. The game works... EXCEPT (a) No pilot voices. If the game has background music during the game, rather than only at the start screen, I don't hear it. Obviously, if the airports don't play music, I wouldn't hear what doesn't exist. (b) I cannot get the game to switch to multiple screens. When I click on the multiple screen on the Strip or the other two panels (not the view through the tower window), there is a box that quickly appears and disappears, but nothing to move to the other screen. (c) I cannot get speech recognition to work (2) I have bought and installed a USB headset/microphone combination. (3) I have trained my microphone and it works well with Windows speech recognition. My language is US English (4) I am the only user on the computer, and I checked; I am an administrator. (5) I tried to launch the speechengine (don't remember the name of the file) program, and just got a quick blink, with no response. (6) I don't know how to check my antivirus software for allowed programs... I use avast. (7) When I try the speech and voice buttons on the main screen (prior to entering any airport), nothing happens. (8) I have the volumes on all items full up in the setting part of the program. Is there anybody that can spend some time with me via text, e-mail, or telephone to nursemaid me through these issues? I love the game, and would like to experience it fully. I have no idea how to find or copy log files, etc. I could use some personal TLC on this one. I kind of figure that maybe I installed something wrong? If I have to remove and reinstall the game into proper space, I will, in order to enjoy multiple screens and voice commands and response. By the way, I have Tower 3D pro, Realtraffic, Realcolor, and also have Atlanta and Orlando, with their Realcolor as well. Help? Sincerely, Lee Esbin
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