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  1. @james143611 You could make a full day schedule with a terminal file using all terminals. Alternatively, you can provide hourly snippets that include flights up to 2 or 3 hours. Here you could use your intended terminal file. This way you can possibly prevent the terminals from being packed with flights. Take a look at @crbascott's schedule or one from @battlehawk77.
  2. It is. For the Schedule Builder I use SBD for the fictitious Schedule Builder dummy airline.
  3. SE is short for Steam Edition (in this case). You need a free Steam account and must have the Steam Client installed on your computer. Steam Client: https://store.steampowered.com/about/ Currently there is an offer to get the key for Tower!2011:SE for free on the FeelThere website. https://www.feelthere.com/shop/air-traffic-control/tower-2011/tower2011se/ You can use the product key to activate the game in the Steam Client. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=5414-TFBN-1352 If switching to the Steam version of the game will actually help solve your problem, I c
  4. I'm aware of that and I know how well you know the game. This is absolutely possible, maybe even a combination of this and the terminal file. My conclusion is based on what @james143611 described and the test I ran before responding. I just tried it again with another airport (first EGKK, now KLAX) and I can assure you that what you describe does not work on my PC. With arrivals in the schedule file and a preceding departure in the ga file, Tower starts at about 4 o'clock for me with flights that are not in the schedule and a graphics error, especially visible in the sky. H
  5. You need the ga file for ga flights. Flights of local airlines do not necessarily have to be in this file. Just because the ga flight was the only one that appeared correctly, I suggested to include this flight (could have been any other flight) in the schedule. I wanted to make sure that the game starts with a departure from the schedule file. If I have a 05:00 departure in the ga file and a handful of arrivals (from 05:01) then the game loads at a time with no flights (it then shows flights that are not in the schedule) and with a graphics error that sooner or later causes the game to
  6. I'm pretty sure that the flights from gaandlocaltraffic don't count as part of the actual "schedule". See what happens if you add the Bizjet flight directly to the schedule... Terminal file: Terminal_GA: GA,BZE Airlines file: BZE, B1, ZEN STAR, Bizjet, United Kingdom Schedule file: LHR,LPL,LJ6,B1, 003,04:50,12:00,1,B1 Then delete the line from the gaandlocaltraffic file or comment it out with // to avoid having two flights with the same callsign: //EGLL, EGPP, 04:50, LJ6, BZE003, 0, 0, 0, BZE003, ZEN STAR ZERO ZERO THREE
  7. To the best of my knowledge, this is not how Steam installations work. In addition, in most cases it is not advisable to start the Steam client with administrator rights, which someone might be tempted to do with this statement. The language of the operating system does not affect the ability to launch the game. Moreover, the game can be played even if the system is not set to US English. Just the speech recognition would not work then. Personally, with the exception of having the Windows sound settings reseted when updating to v2004, I have had no problems installing and launchin
  8. You have to write a few posts before the forum allows bigger attachments. If you can do the voice training then it should actually work in the game. Do you use any antivirus and/or firewall software? If this is the case, please make sure that both "tower3d.exe" and "\tower3d_Data\TowerSpeak\towerspeakbridge.exe" are recognized as safe applications and are not blocked. In particular, depending on your security settings, towerspeakbridge.exe may be blocked because it accesses the microphone. Especially in full-screen mode, you often don't notice the corresponding messages in the backgr
  9. If so, this post might help: All commands you need, you'll find in my Voice Commands - Reference Card as well:
  10. As far as I know, FastSpring does not provide phone support for buyers and in many cases refer to the seller for e.g. questions about refunds, if wrong product was delivered, etc.
  11. Not only that. It would also be interesting to know what this means for all existing customers. Will they still be able to download airport, RT and RC updates from the BMT Micro servers?
  12. No, you do not need to reinstall the game but the latest version of Real Traffic. If you bought the Steam version via BMT Micro, then you got a Steam code that you redeemed at Steam to install the game. Unless you have instructed Steam support in writing to delete the game from your library, it is forever linked to it and you can uninstall and reinstall it as many times as you want via the Steam client. Installed or not, you will always find it in your Steam library. Real Traffic updates with each new airport and must be downloaded and installed again if you want to use RT (and RC) f
  13. If purchased from FeelThere (feelthere.com or atcsuite.com), contact BMTMicro with as much purchase information as possible. https://www.bmtmicro.com/contact-us/
  14. If you browse for it, it does. https://store.steampowered.com/dlc/588190/Tower3D_Pro/#browse But, at least for me, not on the main steam store page, where 99.9% of the players would buy DLCs from. https://store.steampowered.com/app/588190/Tower3D_Pro/ As of: 2020-12-13
  15. That is strange indeed; I can't see it!
  16. When I was still creating custom schedules, after a certain point, I often had to deal with graphic errors and crashes. I have the impression that especially when many different schedules are used, regardless of the airport that causes problems, that the game produces quite a few temporary files that remain on the system and eventually lead to problems. At least that was the issue for me. After cleaning up the system and reinstalling RT, the problems were fixed every time. One exception: KLGA; this airport tries to burn my CPU! With the stock cooler I was using at the time, it caused a blu
  17. FeelThere did not include it in the DLC list on the Tower!3D Pro sales page, for whatever reason. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1493500/Tower3D_Pro__EGLL_airport/ (The same goes for KIAD, by the way, which is also only accessible via a manual search in the Steam Store.)
  18. Sneaky! 😁 No! Okay, listen... If you can get 11 people who have been registered to the forum longer than this post is old to PM me and say they really want EGLL implemented, I'll think about it. That is not a yes; not even a perhaps but I will think about it.
  19. I guess the file krdu_gaandlocaltraffic.txt is empty. Open it with a text editor and if so, insert two slashes // at the beginning of the first line and save the file. Then try if the schedule will be loaded by the game.
  20. Server is faster (much better response time) and website seems to be better optimized. In theory, the website loads much faster. HOWEVER... Using large PNGs with 1920x1080px as preview graphics is pretty much the opposite of an optimization. Furthermore, the graphics are not cached. That means, for each (preview) graphic displayed, about one additional MB for every single graphic must be loaded on every single page, every single time. Someone with a slow Internet connection or a volume plan or limited data volume should currently give your website a wide berth!
  21. Only if a combination of airline and aircraft model is already included in one of the published RC packs, you can use that livery for any airport, for that aircraft type, provided you own the RC pack and make the appropriate changes in your RT text files for the airport in question. That means: For example, if an American Airlines livery for the B737-800 is included in a RC pack you own, you can use this livery for any flight, if you change the airline IATA code to AA and the aircraft IATA code to 738 (without winglets) or 73H (with winglets) for a flight in the xxxx_schedule.txt. The
  22. I think so too. It is now changed and is listed as EDIT in the release notes for v1.03.
  23. That is correct. I was on Flightradar24 and looked at some 9X flights of the last days and all of them had a picture with the Southern Airways Express logo on the plane. So I went for 9X. Now I went back to the flight details and watched the replays, especially for N839MA and N840MA. Here the photo shows a 208B with Mokulele livery. Now the question arises: Was the first picture a generic one and the Mokulele livery is still used (which would actually make sense), or are the Mokulele photos outdated and Southern Airways Express does use their own logo on the aircraft within Hawaii?
  24. Update v1.03 Bug fix: Incorrect callsign WESTERN GLOGAL has been corrected to WESTERN GLOBAL for KDFW and PHNL. Changes: Mokulele Airlines is no longer used for PHNL as Southern Airways Express is already included in RT/RC for this airport. For KLAX the callsign was renamed to FRIENDLY and the ICAO code was changed from MUL to FDY. EDIT (12/02/2020): Instead of 9X, MW is now used as IATA code for Southern Airways Express for PHNL, to show the Mokulele livery. I
  25. In my opinion still a good source to get old data for free. For a full day schedule I would probably not spend my time clicking on every flight, but I don't know any alternative either. (To be honest, I didn't even know that you can go back that far on Flightera!)
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