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    YMML - Melbourne Airport is officially OUT!

    @nyergesdesign There's obviously been a mistake. Having the same departure and destination airport is strange anyway, but not completely unrealistic. However, the duplicate of the flight is a mistake. I guess, you like to fix it with the next update. @pkorkala Navigate to (..\Steam\steamapps\common\) Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\YMML and open gaandlocaltraffic.txt with a text editor (e.g. Windows Editor). Search for 1DZD799, delete this line: YMML, YMML, 10:58, SR2,1DZD799, 0, 0, 0, 1DZD799, ONE DELTA ZULU DELTA SEVEN NINE NINE or change it to (or something else you like) YMML, YWSL, 10:58, SR2,1DZR788, 0, 0, 0, 1DZR788, ONE DELTA ZULU ROMEO SEVEN EIGHT EIGHT and save the file. The next time you start the game the error should be fixed.
  2. EliGrim

    Mutli Screen not working

    Do you start the application as Administrator and turned on all your screens before starting Windows? Edit: Switching on monitors in advance is not really necessary. Here only to minimize detection problems.
  3. EliGrim

    EDDM Update

    You take the opportunity to read facial expressions and throw native speakers who like to abbreviate sentences and not give much on punctuation in a forum with non-native speakers. Chaos is guaranteed! 😁😁
  4. EliGrim

    EDDM Update

    Isn't it answered with: So it should be out sometime this week.
  5. EliGrim

    KATL not in airports list

    A rights problem would also be possible. Already tried to run the setups as administrator? A typo in the serial number may also cause problems. Have you tried to copy the serial number with Ctrl + C to the clipboard and then run the installer? The serial number should then be inserted automatically.
  6. EliGrim

    KATL not in airports list

    Did you change the path when installing the add-ons? You may not have installed the game (or Steam if applicable) in the default Windows directory that the installers use pre-selected.
  7. EliGrim


    In this post I will link my custom schedules. They will be fantasy schedules only. If you are looking for realistic schedules, based on real arrivals and departures of the airports, you won't be pleased here. Since these are fictional schedules, you may come across an airline that is no longer active in the real world. My schedules require REAL TRAFFIC, REAL COLOR is recommended. TIST - St. Thomas (RT sp6v12, RC TISTv2, RC KLAX_sp2v4 or TIST_KPHL_KLAX_sp4v3) 03:55 am - 11:58 pm total movement: 488 max per hour: 35 (10 am) Should be a medium challenge for beginners and a mixture of slight hustle and bustle and time to breathe. Not a challenge for the pros, but good enough for a relaxing hour of gameplay, I guess. Download for TIST from my Dropbox (Lastest update: 12/30/2018) KPHL - Philadelphia International (RT sp6v12, RC KPHL_sp4 or TIST_KPHL_KLAX_sp4v3) 12:10 am - 11:55 pm total movement: 1018 max per hour: 60 (1 pm, 3 pm) Manageable. Variations in kinda repetitive patterns per hour for an actual learning curve, but shouldn't feel repetitive while playing. Maybe beginners would try a multiplayer on this - or anyone else, because multiplayer is fun, I guess. Download for KPHL from my Dropbox (Lastest update: 2/15/2019) KLAX - Los Angeles International (RT sp6v12, RC KLAX_sp2v4 or TIST_KPHL_KLAX_sp4v3) 12:02 am - 11:57 pm total movement: 1176 max per hour: 49 (24 h) Callsign Madness. The schedule consists of a repeating 4 hour set. Within one hour you will not face any callsign twice and within four hours, no airline will land and take off more than once. For that, the time to which you set the game is not relevant. With 98 airlines, 49 movements per hour and no GA traffic, it is clearly feasible, I guess. Download for KLAX from my Dropbox (Lastest update: 2/15/2019) EDDM - Munich Airport - Franz Josef Strauss International (RT sp6v12, RC EDDM) 12:03 am - 11:58 pm total movement: 1266 max per hour: 80 (5 pm) Clearly designed to be handled in multiplayer mode, give the evening hours a run on your own, if you're brave enough. But there are also less hectic hours included. No Cargo, no GA - you'll be pretty busy with passenger transport, I guess. Download for EDDM from my Dropbox (Lastest update: 2/21/2019) KBOS - Boston Logan - Clear-out Challenge (RT sp6v14, RC KBOS, KLAX, KMCO) 03:58 pm - 04:54 pm || starting time: 16:00 total movement: 85 (max) time to clear out: ~75 minutes (gameplay proof video) The number of arriving flights will vary due to different gate allocations by the game itself and your gameplay style. The time of arrival of some flights may also vary. Be aware that the maximum score will probably require several attempts. It's no walk in the park but a fair challenge, I guess. Download for KBOS from my Dropbox (Lastest update: 07/12/2019) All my schedules will come with a PDF document, in printable sizes for US-Letter and DIN-A4, containing installation instructions, the airlines used with callsigns and other information. I will fill this post bit by bit with further schedules and inform about possible updates.
  8. EliGrim


    KBOS Clear-out Challenge added to first post!
  9. EliGrim


    According to Gabor, the EDDM SP will be launched next week. I assume that the current RC will also be available then. https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87259-eddm-update/?tab=comments#comment-529560
  10. EliGrim


    Have you downloaded and installed the latest version of Real Traffic? (RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v14.exe)
  11. EliGrim

    Updating Real Traffic???

    Correct, just download the current installer from the link in your purchase confirmation email, run it and overwrite the old files.
  12. EliGrim

    Custom Schedule Tutorial???

    @Pringle As already mentioned in the course of the thread, there are free alternatives that are very similar in functionality to the Microsoft Office series. LibreOffice Calc or OpenOffice.org Calc are some of the free equivalents to Microsoft Excel. Of course, you can also use any text editor, e.g. Windows Editor, to create your schedules. There's nothing wrong with that if you can do without comfort functions. In the end you need text files anyway.
  13. Hey there, I decided to create my own reference card, based on the information given by @ATControl -- Joe in his post and the most important data for me, summarized and structured on one page. Since it might also help some other beginners, I decided to publish my reference card here. Download from my Dropbox The reference card is available in printable sizes for US Letter and DIN A4. I also provide a modified tower3d.rec file that can be found via the link. Feel free to comment if I made a mistake. Of course, the reference card is not for use in the real world. EliGrim
  14. Corrected 2 taxi instructions and added 2nd pushback command.
  15. EliGrim

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    My fault - @Braf123456 @crbascott you are totally right. Can't believe I got away with my made-up command on other airports. 😀 I edited the *.rec as suggested, I've gotten used to the TAXI VIA now. Thanks guys!
  16. EliGrim

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    May anyone help me out and check if this is an issue with my voice or the EGKK DLC? If I give the taxi command EZY123 RUNWAY 08R AT GOLF TAXI VIA ROMEO JULIETT TANGO it always puts a SIERRA after VIA. So the command is translated into RWY 08R @ G TAXI VIA S R J T. This happens with all rwy->at commands. If I only use RUNWAY 08R TAXI VIA, without an AT, no SIERRA is put after VIA.
  17. EliGrim

    Tower3D: a few questions from a newbie

    Since I cannot see any taxiway labels on your screenshot, I doubt that all commands will work even in the non-pro version. But this is only a guess. At least I can confirm the statement by @Controller- Rogue:
  18. EliGrim

    Tower3D: a few questions from a newbie

    Unlikely but perhaps there is the possibility of a refund as a gesture of goodwill. Otherwise T!3Dpro is just in the summer sale at Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/app/588190/Tower3D_Pro/ A little self-advertising (even if the rameus manual is without question ecxellent)
  19. EliGrim

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    I do not own EGKK, but you can delete BAW from S3 & PE and put it in SWS & North. Than give it a go and see how it works. You will not destroy the game! 😉
  20. EliGrim

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    You should find instructions in the first post of the respective thread and/or with the downloaded files.
  21. EliGrim

    Real Traffic issue

    Typo!! feelthere.zendesk.com
  22. Especially with custom schedules it can happen that unknown or changed callsigns are used. If you want to look up a callsign while playing, you will often not find it in official databases. With the Callsign Information Tool you can upload the provided airlines file and search for callsigns quickly and easily while playing. Callsign Information Tool (Website) (Please note that this website is not optimized for mobile devices.)
  23. Same company, different branches. I suppose it's fair to say that you can consider the ICAO code as first name and the IATA code as last name. DLH LH and GEC LH, one happy family! 😁 Lufthansa CityLine (CL) and Lufthansa Systems (L1), etc. would then be uncles or aunts or something. 😕

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