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  1. Not quite true, a change to any of those stations (even though there is only one station per load) has an effect on the CG in the simulator. You can see this because the CG indicator moves when you add / remove fuel and pax. I'll try and come up with an excel based CG calculator you can use for the Embraer. But does the calculator you use give you trim settings? If so I'd love to know which it is! I've been using airplane toolbox.
  2. You’re definitely right though, the calculation can be adjusted a bit more. And thanks!
  3. At 700lbs off, this happens in real life all the time. We usually land with more than on prog page because we never fly the full STAR / approach. Especially in airports like CLT SFO ORD EWR etc. in ORD I’ve seen +/- 1200 because of the ridiculous approach transitions loaded with the approach / the STAR starting off in the wrong direction. Sometimes when I update weights with a more realisiting landing weight, the vspeeds don’t even change
  4. Unfortunately it involves editing the model file so we’ll have to wait til FT can implement them. thanks! Yes unfortunately I’m away so I can’t yet edit the readme.. but yes disable those 3 folders.
  5. No it isn’t! I didn’t change the install instructions, was it not in there?
  6. Are you still unable to share the light effects? I can share the fx files! Just waiting for feelthere to do the 2 minute modification to the mdl files. I don’t think they’re willing to work with me on this one, sorry mate.
  7. Link in the video for google drive download
  8. Same issue, my download link says SP2..
  9. Spent today working on some updates and improvements to the sound set I made. Enjoy
  10. I also use V5, yes. Missing as in no strobes at all? I don't remember as I don't really use it any more, I remember having to do some reasearch and looking through their manual to figure out how to render models.
  11. The best I can do: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12aGlRUmre-PwXg57Hcpsq_LjH6s3iBo6/view?usp=sharing "Here's a link to at least the fx files. I've renamed them to default P3D so that at least you could stick them into P3D and see them. Yes I used MCX. If you have that just go to attachments and you'll see where it says beacon strobe, you just rename them to whatever file you want them to use. PLEASE backup the original model, as it could seriously mess up the model if anything renders incorrectly."
  12. I fixed the code so that it matches more the technique for the 757/767 so it's much better, please redownload. Also, do you use "Loudness equalization" in your windows sound settings? This would cause that wind sound to be highly exaggerated as well.
  13. Just want to make sure that’s not your engine sound pack? I’ll check the code when I get home
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