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  1. I fixed the code so that it matches more the technique for the 757/767 so it's much better, please redownload. Also, do you use "Loudness equalization" in your windows sound settings? This would cause that wind sound to be highly exaggerated as well.
  2. Just want to make sure that’s not your engine sound pack? I’ll check the code when I get home
  3. Around when does the sound stop? And by wheels do you mean rolling? Or wind?
  4. Technically I can absolutely give the LED FX files since they were made by me. Because feelthere used the same effects for all planes, you’d just have them showing on all the E-Jets which is up to you. And they used the default sim beacons (unfortunately) so if you use mine all your default airplanes / possibly AI will have those beacons. Like I said if they quickly embedded them into the model like I did, it would be perfect. I’ll try and remember to attach it to a reply tonight.
  5. Sorry I'm late, Here you are: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lPtHuyBNd-WPp84KfyLvzAecAxXkhSFj/view?usp=sharing
  6. I suppose it’s ready, maybe I’ll work on making a readme tonight til the end of this week.
  7. Absolutely! That’s what I use as well, it’s completely separate.
  8. I know! I wish I could share the lights, huge improvement. I’m surprised FT hasn’t tried, it took me 10 minutes to make them.
  9. Been pretty bored the last couple of days, in those days I added some immersion to this airplane in the form of sounds and better lights. Since the sounds are either free use, recorded by me, or belong to a friend of mine, (Nick) I'll distribute this package and instructions on the video description when I'm ready. The lights, sadly, legally cannot be shared. Although I created the effects, they're attached to the model of the airplane. Keep in mind I'm not a real developer nor designer, I just do this for fun and realistic airplane sounds and lights give me joy. Feel free to use the sounds as you wish. Or, make them even better! Hope you enjoy the video! Some things: A friend of mine noticed that a sound would happen without the respective synoptic page showing that it should be. Simply, we all know some things are modelled wrong on this airplane, and I'm sure FeelThere is working on them! All logic I've included was taken directly from ATA maintenance manuals and flight crew training manuals. Feelthere: If you'd like any of my help fixing some of the system logic, feel free to ask! I'd be happy to volunteer some time and information.
  10. PTU operates on the ground in AUTO. In real life, the PTU will never operate on the ground in auto mode. This is because it is only used for gear extension and retraction.
  11. When the APU is running on the ground, it's not showing a fuel source, random synoptic lines are being drawn. In this case, it should be coming from AC pump #2
  12. When setting the fuel crossfeed to either LOW 1 or LOW 2, the opposite AC fuel pump should begin running as long as the respective AC power is available. -- Edit subject line: added other topic OP started in another location so brought them here for discussion. - mods.
  13. Thanks for your reply! I may be in over my head here and will have to do without, but your reply will help me figure it out. Thanks Pete
  14. Hello! First let me start off by saying I have a level of xml scripting that's acceptable enough for me to be able to do this with just a little guidance (I hope). I'd like to first know if there is any other documentation for the "record to csv.lua" example other than opening the lua itself? I looked through most of the FSUIPC document PDFs and wasn't able to find much. I understand how to find the offset data so I don't need to be pointed to that, but I'm trying to make a CSV that records the P3D ZULU time when an event occurs. I noticed so far that the lua reads data at a specified interval in fractions of a second. My goal is to only record event times (when the parking brake is released, stamp the flight sim zulu time and record total fuel; when radio altitude is greater than 50ft, stamp the zulu time and record total fuel, etc.). I don't wan't to make someone do all the work for me, I'd just like to be pointed on more documentation or a quick example. Thanks!
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