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  1. Cajolx

    Download problems

    I finally did it, is working.< Can i just ask one more favour … Can you please tell me how to install the Real Colours . Thanks Thanks Hexzed and Eligrim for all the help.
  2. Cajolx

    Download problems

    EliGrim, i am going to give it a go tomorrow folowing those steps and let see how it goes. Thanks both you guys for the tips.
  3. Cajolx

    Download problems

    Ok thanks Hexzed, i will do it tomorrow cos I am working and hopefully you can help me with that. Thanks.
  4. Cajolx

    Download problems

    Ok Hexzed, the problem is that the game don't recognise the airport. That's the problem, I don't know how to do it.
  5. Cajolx

    Download problems

    Ok, that's the problem/solution because after that when I open the game the airport isn't there just the usual 3.
  6. Cajolx

    Download problems

    When i install the LEBL it creates a file with the Airport's extensions which doesn't exist in the Tower folders.
  7. Cajolx

    Download problems

    Feellthere site Hexzed. Do you have a suggestion ?
  8. Cajolx

    Download problems

    Can anyone please tell me the steps to install LEBL extension of the Tower 3d Pro, it doesn t shown on the airport list of the game. Thanks

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