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  1. Simon- I want to let you know I solved the issue. One of my many freeware addons was creating the problem. Harlan Sandberg
  2. Make runways seem to function fine, and seems to find everything. The problem for me occurs when I try to compile Airports
  3. Simon my runways.txt is54.4 MB The maximum size allowed here is 0.02MB. How am I supposed to get it to you? Harlan
  4. Hi Simon runways.xml is too big to attach-do you have an email I could send it to? My email is harlank23@gmail.com Harlan
  5. Hi Folks I have no idea what to do about this error(file attached) This started after I installed new ORBX Central. Harlank stb error.txt
  6. Because I purchased STB for FSX at a store not listed, I attempted to contact you to arrange a discount to purchase for P3Dv4. When I click on contact us, my computer prompts me to set up Outlook, which I don't use. Could you please give me an email address which I can use to contact you? harlank
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