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  1. I was having an issue with Tower3D speech recognition. Based on earlier posts I first verfied each of the the following steps: Mic is working US English confirmed Pack is up-to-date Speech recognition installed and works outside of Tower 3D I open Tower as Adm SYSTEM LANGUAGE SET TO ENGLISH(US)*************CHECKED CORTANA IS WORKING AND YOU CAN TALK TO IT*****CHECKED SPEECH IS TRAINED************************************CHECKED SET UP YOUR MICROPHONE (SCREENSHOT IS BELOW)***CHECKED TOWER3D.EXE IS LAUNCHED IN ADMIN MODE*********CHECKED MAKE SURE TO USE THE SHIFT BUTTON TO TALK TO TOWER3D***CHECKED IF YOU RUN ANY ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE MAKE SURE TOWER3D.EXE and TOWERSPEAKBRIDGE.EXE IS IN TRUSTED MODE**CHECKED MAKE SURE THE COMMAND YOU ISSUE USES THE EXACT SYNTAX AS IT IS IN THE MANUAL***CHECKED SOUND DRIVER IS THE LATEST*************************CHECKED TOWERSPEAKBRIDGE.EXE IS LAUNCHED IN ADMIN MODE *** CHECKED However, my problem remained. After further investigation, and assuming all the above steps have been verified, I found a solution that works located in a post - STEAM Tower! 3D pro discussion dated Oct 16,2017 titled “ Voice Recognition Woes”. BTW - I'm using a Alienware 51 desktop with Windows 10. Simply stated - “ Open your Task Manager and "End Task" for all of applications titled "Nahimic".
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