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  1. I have a question about button settings in FSUPIC 5.151 in P3D4. I had a button on my Sytek Flight Yoke System to send a "Gear Toggle" control when it was pressed, like so: The problem is that the button raises the gear when it is pressed and lowers the ger when it is released. In FSX it behaves differently, I believe. Instead, pressing the button toggles between raised and lowered, and releasing the button does nothing. (This is under version 4 for FSX.) To make this work as expected in P3D4 I reprogramed the button to send the G key instead like this: This is okay, but not an ideal solution for me because I like to avoid programming keys in P3D4 for this kind of thing. (I like to reserve keys for external utility apps like ChasePlane for example.) Is there a setting in P3D4 or FSUPIC to make the Gear Toggle control work as expected? Thanks for your input. Gil Yoder
  2. Good tip. Thx.
  3. John, thanks for your reply. While trying to answer your questions and get more information about the problem, I found the error on my own, and it was entirely my fault. I didn't know that I had programmed P3D4 to respond to the same button to toggle the gear extension and retraction. Of course, the button was not working because each key press resulted in the gear being toggled twice. The press and hold behavior I described occurred when I once tried sending the control upon release of the button. So, pressing the button toggled the state due to P3D configuration, and releasing the button toggled the state due to FSUIPC configuration. I thought I had cleared out all of the P3D button definitions, but apparently this is one that I missed. Sorry for the false report. Gil
  4. Dear Sascha and Volker, I recently purchased FS Commander through Aerosoft and I have a question about the DB Manager and what I think is a bug to report in FS Commander. My current system is as follows: FSX-SE v10.0.62515.0 FSUIPC 4.944a Networked with IVAO FlightSim Commander 10.0.5 Build 0.03.2018 Navigraph AIRAC-1011 Rev.1 - OCT21-NOV17/10 Aerosoft download version Windows 10 64-bit Two monitors With regard to DB Manager, I updated the db this morning and noticed that the manager says that it is unregistered. Here is an image while it is running: I assume this is resulted from registering the program through Aerosoft, but I'd like to be sure in case I need to do something to correct this. Please advise. Regarding FS Commander, I ran the program recently attached to IVAO and noticed that the balloons that appeared when I hovered over aircraft included incorrect information. Every balloon would show the same information for several minutes or more until something changed, and then a new set of information appeared in every balloon. Here is a recording showing this behavior for a short period. I am wondering what caused this behavior and whether there is anything I can do to make correct data to appear. Thanks to you both for the work you are doing with these applications. Sincerely, Gil Yoder
  5. I give up. The interface to quote text for replies is incredibly difficult to use (at least for me). I don't have the problem with the DB manager now. I think I used an old shortcut to open the software from the non-registered demo. I don't know, but that might have influenced the behavior of FS Commander, although I can't see how it could produce the effect that I saw. I'll have to use the program some more to see if the problem persists. If so, I'll address the issue again. Sincerely, Gil
  6. My apologies, Volker. I had read this before but didn't think about the history it mentions when I wrote my salutation in the first post. Yes, and I read it again just now. I believe I followed the instructions to the letter, but it is always possible that I erred. Yes.

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