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  1. Sorry for the confusion. I dont want to start a fire using the fire panel. I want to use project magenta instructor station to start a fire, - it connects to FSUIPC i presume. I would then like fsuipc to output via fs2phidgets (or anyother solution) to illuminate the fire panel. I appreciate it isnt very clear, the reason is im not very clear on it myself. However i presume there is a offset that can be selected in the instructor station. thank you
  2. Thank you Pete. It seems i disabled wideclient scanning. All is well. I have a second question about setting engine fires. I am using project magenta instructor station and TSR 737 system in place of PMsystem. I notice this post many years ago, http://www.mycockpit.org/forums/archive/index.php/t-10296.html and i would like to figure it out. I have the fail.txt attached - would you be kind enough to give me any guidance if applicable? The fire panel is using phidgets - i presume i would need fs2phidgets to connect up the offsets? thank you FailureInfo.txt
  3. Thank you Pete. I will update at once. My ace yoke is connected to comp 2 running the TSR system. When i go to the button assignments tab on the server (fsx) computer, it doesnt change when i press the button on the yoke. ie. the message doesnt get from the yoke - comp2-wideclient-wideserver-fsuipc. Perhaps there is something in the wideclient.ini that i should put in there? What could i try? Thank you very much. Nick
  4. Dear Pete, i trust you are well. I have a strange request. I have a set of keypresses in my FSUIPC4 file on the fsx server, but i do not know what they are for. Coupled to that wideclient.ini on comp 2 doesnt have anything inside. I appreciate this is in the manual, and i have been looking for a solution but i cannot a way forward. Essentially i would like to have my ACE yoke button presses on Comp2 recognised on Comp1 (server) via widefs, so that i can trim. Do let me know what you suggest. Thank you FSUIPC4.ini
  5. Thank you, I will do as you suggest. two questions 1. Where can I find the wideserver ini file? it is not in the fsx modules folder in my sim. 2. I have a problem with the pfd and nd (comp 1), i the ils , vor or adf data keeps reloading every 5 seconds. I can’t do ils approaches as the autopilot app mode kicks out . By chance I tried the sim without computer 2, (also running wideclient )- and the problem dissapeared. It seems that as soon as wideclient is active on boh computers they both fight for data. What could I try? Thanks for all your help, nick
  6. Finally the server computer running wideserver. Thank you again for your help. With best Wishes Nick. P.s The TSR software is yes from Mr. Thomas Richter, it is the heart of the simulator taking controls, the overhead, phidgets and more into the fold. It is running on comp 2. Right now i have a problem with it - i am speaking to Thomas who is kindly helping me work it out. Shoudl you be be in a positijon to work out why it says that "the FSUIPC is not registered" or work out from the logs why it isnt working properly that would be great. The TSR eicas that i am running is also experiencing severe issues, with it blinking, not mirroing the position of the thottle levers (freezing) and ultimately being very unstable. My best wishes Nick Server - Copy.zip
  7. Computer 2 (instrument 2) running wideclient Comp2.zip
  8. Dear Pete Thank you for your email. Please find the first of three attachements. The first is for comp 1. It is a instrument computer running wideclient. Thank you Nick Comp1.zip
  9. Dear Mr. Dowson. Thanks for great software. I have a problem with TSR Eicas and TSR System working together. My setup Is across 3 computers via a router. comp 1 (server) running FSX, FSUIPC, Comp 2 Running TSR Eicas, System, Wideclient Comp 3 Running Wideclient. and Tekworx InterfaceIT software (for the FDS SYS 1 card) for the overhead. When I run the TSR system on comp 2, comp 3 recognises the physical switch inputs and makes the appropriate changes on the overhead. When I run TSR system + TSR Eicas the Eicas flickers on an off, and the TSR software eventually shows the following (sorry a registered FSUIPC is required). I would like to attach pictures but this forum only allows for 20kb. Could it be wideclient not having enough capacity? is there a setting I could change? Wideclient- notepad-config Classinstance0 Networktiming5,1 Mailslottiming2000,1000 Pollinterval2000 Port8002 Port29002 Response time 18 Applicationdelay 0 Tcpcoalesce, no Wait for new data500 Maxsendq100 Onmaxsendql, log Newsendscantime 50 Priority3,1,2 Window0,0,112,27 Protocol,tcp Thanks for any help ! Nick 

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