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  1. Hi Vic, First of all my apologies, my name is Dirk, I didn't realise this forum was under my old IRC nickname. I don't know why you think I hijacked this topic when I'm clearly responding to a subject you talked about in this very thread, dating the 29th of January (Please do NOT quote me, consider it a bar talk, semi-drunk mumbling in a bar etc.) And lastly I haven't seen a conversation started by you or Feelthere (not sure who else operates that handle) in the Air traffic controller group on Facebook, so I assumed the silence was because you and the team were working hard on what ever is coming next, or I or any of the other scared you off! I do like the fact that I can fire questions directly at you and even criticise, please don't close those opportunities, because that is good for both sides I think. If you still think I'm posting this in the wrong place, let me know. I'm sure you know where to find me. Dirk Farquhar.
  2. Hi Vic, Remember me, the guy that jumped on you on facebook for asking you about rereleasing the same airports on T!DX as we have now. Fix one is to include the most polular airports with the base game. Then your new game engine, real moving raindrops? Wow! What about: go arounds initated by the AI, crashes, return to ramp, VIP flights, Pan and emergency landings, smoother graphics and way more flexibility in commands. Try and make T!DX something more than the previous version with a spit shine. Re: Greedy. You're a business, it pays for you to be greedy. We are customers, we want everything to cost nothing. That's the way it works. But I feel conned if I have just spent hundreds of pounds on airports if I have to buy them all over again. Especially if taxiway LK has been removed and LH been added in a slightly different direction. I'm not sure what you can add to make the airport design more lifelike or more dimensional, but I'm sure there's a thousand players who could. In the TOWER! XX wish list thread crbascott had a lovely list of 69 Items that you could improve on or incorporate into the next Issue Maybe in reply you could tell us how many of those you are implicating and how many you have already dismissed. Since you are no longer talking in the facebook group I'd love to see an answer here!
  3. right, I think i've got you. Are there add on models, or even mods, out there? Or is what you see is what you get and we'll only get them if the developer decides to add them? Thanks for the quick response though.
  4. I've only been playing T3D! for a few months, but i've mangaed to get to grips with the extentions files. I've changed all DH1/ DH3 in a custom schedule for TIST to an RJ8, which should be an AVRO RJ85/BAE146. But it looks more like a learjet than a 4 engined high-wing cantilever monoplane with a T-tail. Is it something I'm doing wrong? I have T3d!pro (steam), real traffic and real colour bundle for TIST/KLAX/KPHL. Anyone who could shed some light on this?
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