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  1. Sorry I forgot the lines. My fault, I wanted to include it in the previous post. Just search for Exception, there you have the deletions. I have some at line 8125. I monitered that live in P3D, and it was a Dash8 from Austrian. On the afcad for LOWW would be enough space to park for it. As you wrote, the AI has to get deleted either from P3D or AIS. Is there any other logging codes to get more/other information?
  2. Does the traffic limiter delete aircraft, even if there aren't too many aircraft around? I did not touch anything there. Should be the default settings. I included the complete log of 10 min LOWW. There were some deletions as well. Runways active: 29/34 FSUIPC6.log
  3. That offset is really usefull. I keep watching this on my flight to Shanghai now. I call you back with more information later. yeah it has its ups and downs. But did a great job on my system. I have seen these as well, but I'm a little sceptical. Have you tested it yet? What is the difference to AIS?
  4. Thanks for your reply John. You are right, these log files can get huge. There are a few examples in the log below. When you search for GS=2968 you get the AI, that gets separated by AIS. But I can't figure it out why. Maybe you see more in this log. That could be hard, because there is no support left. FSUIPC6.2.log
  5. Hey, I'm starting this topic because I need your help with this. It may be, that AI Separation has a bug or something has changed with the FSUIPC versions lately. The situation basically can be found here: However: STB is not the issue in this case. But I'm testing around where this errors occur. As it is still there. Uninstalled EDDF, ORBX sceneries. Reinstalled the full P3D Scenery, and Client. Deleted the P3D.cfg. Tested FSUIPC version 5.155 and FSUIPC6 Still AIS deletes AI on separation action. Then I noticed that AIS invokes commands to FSUIPC to force a separ
  6. A shame I can't access to code of AIS. As the program is quite old. Maybe this is a good feature for STB some day? I mean a reliable one 😄
  7. Thanks for your answer. I was testing around the last few days and I found out that neither STB nor AIS is the origin of the deletions. There is a new (at least new to me) function called Traffic Zapper by the latest version of FSUIPC5. The manual of FSUIPC says, that it deletes AI in some cases in a certain range. I think that should be the case at EDDF. Fun fact #1: If runway direction 25 is active, there are less deletions than on direction 07. Anyway thanks for your help! edit: Previous versions were: 2017.21200 -> 2019.12100 -> latest
  8. Hello, after the latest update 4.2.2020.4000, STB is causing some strange things in my sim. The following situation: P3Dv4, Aerosoft EDDF with edited AFCAD, AIGAIM traffic, STB and AI Separation. Weather and Shaders shouldn't have an affect on this. STB and AI Separation have worked well together in the past. When AI arriving, they are sometimes too close together, without going around. Instead of moving them to the gate (as STB would do this), I use AI Separation to pull them few miles away, so that they all land safely. Now the strange part: In EDDF the plane, that gets sepa
  9. I have tested the version in my simmarket account and the one's you posted on this other post some time ago. They aren't working for me 😕
  10. Hi Guys I had that same crash with AIM OCI and FSUIPC the last days as well. So I tested around a little bit. For me, I found out, when going back to FSUIPC version 5.11, it works fine with the AIM OCI. The only downside is, I can't see the complete runway assignment of approaching AI aircraft in AISeparation. It is only somthing like: "EHAM 18", when it should be "EHAM 18R".
  11. Hello here is a quick update on this: I found out that the AIM OCI traffic program makes FSUIPC crash. When I deactivate it in the Addon.cfg there is no crash at all. So, do you know about a instability between AIM and FSUIPC, and maybe how to fix it?
  12. That should be the one. which logging should I turn on in fsuipc? FSUIPC5_prev.log
  13. So I checked the new 5.151a version. The distributed COM Error is done. But fsuipc still crashes: - System - Provider [ Name] Application Error - EventID 1000
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