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  1. Benn running the "d" version all weekend with ai separation running and no problems to report. Best regards Rob
  2. Pete/John - that is the same fsais version (1.1) I am using. I will load up 1.5.1 on Saturday and EGGL and see what happens when slewing gets underway and report back. Regards Rob
  3. Pete - I can get it to occur at EDDT, LTFM and a few others I have tried, as soon as the first 'conflict' is managed in FSAIS. At Berlin, there were less than 130 AI aircraft active at the time according to AI Traffic Manager and significantly less than 300 at LTFM. Am back 0n 1.5 as that works fine, but will but 1.5.1 back in at the weekend and send some log files as requested. Regards Rob
  4. Did testing last night having found a copy of v 1.5 in another post on this topic. Outcome - FSAIS works fine in either P3Dv4.4 or P3Dv4.5 with FSUIPC v5.1.5, but as soon as you use or or b then irrespective of whether you are using P3dv4.4 or 4.5, it will crash when ai slewing becomes active. I think John has picked this up in the other post on this topic, has got a copy of RC4, and suspect whatever fix does the job for RC4 will similarly work on any other application which makes use of FSUIPC as its interface into the simulator.
  5. Pete - have re-installed the P3dv4.4 client application last night and will do some testing this week - is there any way of getting access to the legacy versions of FSUIPC - eg 5.15 instead of 5.151 or 5.151b which were updated to accommodate v4.5? Didn't keep by prior downloads! Regards Rob
  6. Pete - its ai separation which I use - and apologies, I'm running p3dv4.5 HF not FSX!! FSAIS has worked with every p3D version I have had, and probably for the reason you describe which it is solely using FSUIPC as its link into any simulator. Works fine in 4.5HF with FSUIPC 5.151 as long as it is not trying to slew an ai aircraft to maintain separation. It has only begun manifesting itself in P3dv4.5. Best regards Rob
  7. I appear to have similar problem with FSAIS v1.1, the AI traffic smoothing programme (which I still use!) It started crashing FSX shortly after loading it up at busy airports, and as soon as it starts slewing AI planes using FSUIPC to achieve desire separation P3d4.5 HF crashes. Repeatable at a number of locations. Am sure Pete will find a similar fix for insertion in FSUIPC.
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