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  1. Thank you, I will try that also. I am getting very discouraged. I hope I can resolve this soon. :{
  2. the file I think is the log is too big to attach. Probably not the correct file.
  3. I think I'm using microsoft speech recognition. I have not installed any other speech recognition on this pc.
  4. Yes, several times. I also tried using compatibility troubleshooter.
  5. I am sure I am doing something wrong as I am very computer illiterate. For example, I can find the files for Tracon!2012 but cannot find the log file. Any help would be appreciated. I am sure it is a simple fix when someone can see this log file. Also, Yes, I am running the game in admin mode and also tried different compatibility modes. Maybe this is an issue also: When the radar screen shows up, my voice recognition box with the microphone pops up also. A second or two later, that is when the game shuts down. Thank you for your help. Jason
  6. Need some help. Just bought Tracon 2012 off the feel there website. Installed it just like instructed. Ran the program, and I get to the start menu. Set everything up and click the start button. The game screen come up then quits. I read all the posts about this on steam, but this is not the steam edition. What else can I do to get this program to work? I have had Tower 3d pro for a while and have had no issues. Kind of disappointed that I cant get Tracon to work.
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