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  1. I see. Thanks for the insight. I only play KPHX and since each airfield had it's own airlines file I was thinking there was an airfield specific workaround/hack that was possible.
  2. If I understand correctly, regional airlines such as Compas, Envoy, and SkyWest operate as American Eagle IRL...but seems that in game the actual livery for these airlines show up? Is there a way for these flights to show up with the American Eagle livery instead?
  3. thanks, that's helpful to know as well for those situations when I need them to vacate the runway.
  4. Any suggestions on what command to use (and possibly more importantly when) in order to instruct aircraft to exit the runway at a specific exit/ramp? I've tried giving taxi instructions as soon as they touchdown but they always seem to exit where they want to. thanks.
  5. Thanks for the link (great work by the way, love the disclaimer that it is not for real world use!). I see this is labeled as voice commands. Would all these same commands work as typed txt?
  6. well dang. wish I waited a few days. I'm assuming if I go the steam route I'll have to repurchase the DLC specifically for Steam as well??? Specifically KPHX? I'm not seeing real traffic and real color on steam so hopefully what I already have will work for the steam version?
  7. Thanks for the reply! Understand about Tower3D and Tower3DPro being separate products. Thx for confirming. Multi-monitor: I believe this is only available for the Pro version?? Manual: Again, can I assume everything in the Pro manual is available in the non-Pro version as well? Obviously without voice capabilities. With regards to #4, what I mean is the tags that show the Runway ID and exit/ramp IDs, such as 8R or 8L for the runway, E2 or E12 for the exit, D or C for the ramps themselves. In some screenshots i've seen the radar shows these tags, but I can't figure out how to display them in my game?? (again, non-pro version). Not a huge deal...I found a map of KPHX online, but would be nice if it were displayed ingame.
  8. Hello everyone. Just discovered this product and have about 5 hours of playtime in so have a few initial newbie questions that I haven't been able to find via search. Apologize as i'm sure they have been answered over the past few years but did my best to search to no avail. TIA for the help and looking forward to diving into this game more Is there a way to upgrade from Tower3D to Tower3DPro? Any credit for the $30 already paid towards the Pro cost of $50? How can I change the transparency of the various radar windows as well as the tiles screen? despite having a fairly big monitor, the 3 windows obscure a good part of the tarmac. Is there a list somewhere of all the various commands that are allowed in the command window? Struggling to find the right syntax to use to give a taxi route but telling the plane too hold at the last ramp prior to entering the runway or terminal. Is there an add-on or dlc that gives you the ramp IDs on the ground radar? I've seen screen shots that show it but maybe it's only available on the Pro version??
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