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  1. No, i havent looked into simconnect too much. and i would like to use just FSX as the simulator
  2. Hi, I'm looking for the offset that stores the cameras current Pitch, Degrees, Bank, DeltaX, DeltaY, and DeltaX. I'm kinda lost so any help would be appreciated
  3. Sorry, i forgot to Include $"", This offset will not give me the full aircraft name, flying a boeing 747-800 with this offset will give me just "BOEING". is there an offset to get the full aircraft name?
  4. Hi, Im trying to use the offsets 3160, 313C and 3148. but they dont work for me, when i try to use them it just gives me a string of "Offset 0x3160 (String: 24 Bytes))". i can use Offset 0x3130 and that gives me the airline callsign but not anything else, im trying to get the Aircraft name ex. (Boeing 737-800) and the player callsign ex. (N001). am i using the correct offset? Code: C# private Offset<string> aircraftType = new Offset<string>(0x3160, 24); // this one doesnt work private Offset<string> aircraftID = new Offset<string>(0x3130, 12); // this one works // ATCID = aircraftID.Value; ATCTYPE = aircraftType.Value; // string aircraftData = "({ATCID} - {ATCTYPE })"; output: (MAULE - Offset 0x3160 (String: 24 Bytes))
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