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  1. I'm also experiencing issues with EGKK and BAW planes not arriving when using my own custom schedule. Again, like nrholland posts above, I'm only seeing issues with the BAW Heavies, 777,772. Assigning an extra terminal parking Lot can sometimes give me white planes. Is that something we have to live with? I do have the EGKK Real Colour and the latest Real Traffic installed. I'll try some more experimenting with assigning various terminals as mention throughout the thread. I would also echo nrHolland's request as to whether anybody knows of a resource of what airline is using what terminal at Gatwick?
  2. That's what I did in the end. I just right-clicked my mouse and copied as I dragged across and then pasted into a new .txt.
  3. I don't seem to have that option in the free online version of excel. I click on File, 'Save As' and then the option of either saving the spreadsheet to my One Drive as an XLSX file or something called an ODS file. Nowhere do i see an option to save as a .CSV file.
  4. So once you've entered all your data into excel, how do you convert it into a .txt file? I'm using the free online version of Excel but I don't see a way of converting.
  5. Lol,..nooooo,..we didn't even have PCs back then and Office was a place where you worked. 😄
  6. I used to be, many many moons ago,..I'm almost 60 now and looking forward to retirement in a couple of years time..😎
  7. About to update Real Traffic for the first time since owning the game a few days ago. What's the best way to go about it? Can I just run the installer, select my Steam path and let it overwrite the previous or should I completely uninstall RT first then re-install the new update?
  8. I take it excel is a payware program only at a cost of around £100/$124 which is not something I'd pay for just for this. Is there a basic free edition that I've maybe missed? Google doesn't throw up much except using an online app.
  9. Thanks guys for the helpful replies. I'd like to have a crack at doing one but I don't have excel, I don't even know how to use it be honest because I've never had any cause to. Can I get away without excel or will it be too long and tedious any other way?
  10. wow,..thank you very much for that explanation. Much appreciated.
  11. Hi everyone,.. Is there a tutorial anywhere on how to go about making custom schedules?
  12. I have since found the download to your Winter schedule and got it up and running with no issues so thank you for your work. Being English, EGKK is in my own back yard so I'm thrilled to have your schedule. 👍
  13. Hi,.. I did hear about a new version of Tower 3D but was told on the Steam forum not to expect anything before 2020 by a member and that the developer hasn't officially put out a Wish List for things to be implemented. Can anyone confirm that? This is why I made the purchase in the Steam Sale with 50% off so not bad. Plus the Real Colours and Real Traffic on Sale too on Feelthere so despite the bugs I thought why not. It does have some bugs and shortcomings but to me, it's the best ATC I've ever played and I'm having a good time with it.
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