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    As far as I was aware, this was a thread for general Speech Recognition problems with the game. Although this fix might not help you, I posted it here to help others who may have a similar issue to me, sorry that your issue is still unsolved.
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    Okay, I would like to make a post to help others that may have a similar problem to me. I have the ASUS Zephyrus M GM501GS laptop. I was having issues for the longest time trying to get the speech recognition to work in the game after taking all of the steps that are suggested in this forum. After a lot of playing around with my laptop programs, I realized that the ASUS Sonic Studio was interfering with the game's ability to pick up audio coming from the microphone. If you have a similar ASUS gaming laptop or desktop, you may have the same issues as me. Here are the steps I took to fix my issue, it was very easy: - Open Task Manager - Go to the "Startup" tab along the top - Find the program titled "Sonic Suite 3" - Click it and press "Disable" on the bottom right - Restart your device, and voila, the in-game voice recognition should now be working! Just make sure you remember that you have that program disabled upon startup so you'll have to re-enable it or start it manually if you want to use it in the future. Hopefully, this can help you, good luck! 😁

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