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  1. Works perfectly! Thank you Pete for the super quick update 🙂
  2. Hi Pete, Thanks for the quick update. Some of the components we mainly read from the game are weather, multiplayer traffic tables (E080 & F080), and some aircraft data (location, speeds, alt, etc). It looks like we'll be fine with a quick fix, but I'm not entirely sure what you mean by SimConnect text diversion. I can test as soon as you push an update. Thanks, Raj
  3. Hey everyone, Thank you for all the responses. Yes because of FS2020 they've made some updates to FSX including a request for telemetry data (provided through the beta). Pete - I've posted a guide below on how to install FSX-SE & Opt-in to the beta if you're still having some weird issues we can skype/anydesk/discord or something of the nature. This beta is really awesome because we get live weather which would be awesome for simulating real world conditions when practicing with and training our members. We run a discord server called fsATC with over 5,000 members and we 100% rely on FSX-SE Multiplayer (you can see my previous threads about a bot I built that switches your voice discord channel based on the COM1 frequency in game). A lot of us use/created 3rd party plugins that rely on FSUIPC such as FSXFlight, FlightSimGPS, FSPassengers, custom Discord bots (Voice bot that reads a specific METAR and decodes it to provide an ATIS advisory that picks up FSX Interpolated/Real world Weather), etc. and really want to be able to use the new beta. If its not too difficult to update FSUIPC there's a lot of us that would really appreciate your efforts. Guide: Right Click Steam Icon at the bottom and go to Library. Look for Microsoft Simulator - if its there there will be an option to download. If its not showing up in your library then go to Store search for Microsoft Simulator X and download: Once you have it go back to Library and right click - go to properties Then go to Betas select "fsx-beta - External Beta" and it will download about a 1.8gb update. Then start the game as normal. I hope this helped and if you need anything else please let me know! Thanks, Raj (CrazzMC)
  4. Updated to the new FSX Beta to get real world weather working again. I had to delete my AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/FSX folder in order to get it working. Now FSUIPC4 doesn't show up at all in game and won't reinstall. It keeps exiting out really quickly so I cannot even get a screenshot or a log of what the install is erroring at. any ideas? CrazzMC
  5. Hey John thanks for the reply. I have never worked with C or dlls so not really sure how to do this, but I can ask a few friends to help me out given that the source is there. Yeah for now I created an exe from my jar and run it through an installer that downloads the 32 bit jvm for them so for now I have this work around 🙂
  6. Was looking through the forums for an offset id for the multiplayer squawk/transponder code but couldn't seem to find anything except this one post: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/51400-retrieving-the-squawk-code-of-ai-traffic-aircrafts/ Tried using Traffic look but got no luck. Currently reading the E080 & F080 Tables from the SDK. Any idea if I can get transponder codes? Would really help! Thanks, CrazzMC
  7. Does anyone have a 64 bit dll file provided in the FSUIPC_SDK? There's no way from my knowledge to convert a 32 bit dll to a 64 bit dll. So I am kinda out of luck 😞 I'm trying to give my Jar to other people so that they can use my discord channel changer, but unfortunately it also means that they need a 32 bit JVM installed. Pete I'm not sure if you're the one who made the fsuipc_java.dll file but if possible updating it would be awesome. Appreciate all the help! Crazz
  8. Hey John. I got it working I had to write data and then read the new data it sent back. FSUIPC default reads back Airline + Flight Number if available. I needed it to only show me Tail Numbers. Thanks for the help!
  9. Keep getting this error when trying to request data from FSX. Any idea what it could be? I'm using the FSUIPC Java SDK.
  10. Hey everyone, Within the past 24 hours I was clueless to what I was even attempting to do and now I have got a pretty good idea and some basic functionality going. I am trying to make a Discord Bot that sits on FSX Host Computer that will see all the Tail Signs for the Different Airplanes in the server and will move the Channel they are in based on the COM1 Frequency selected by the Pilot. I have gotten it working on an individual level using Address 313C for the Tail Number and Address 034E for the COM1 Frequency. Now I want to do this but for all the Air/Ground traffic. For example in this case assuming there is a single Aircraft on the server I would be able to see the Tail Number using Address E096 which is the AI ground traffic ATC id[1]* and the COM1 Frequency using Address E0A6. *Note this is for ground traffic but works the same way if the Aircraft is in the air. The problem I am running into is showed in the picture below. For some reason FSUIPC will replace the Tail Number with the Airline Call Sign. This could show up as "Navy" or "Pacifica" but the problem is I am getting duplicates with no way of identifying each aircraft individually therefore breaking my Bot. I hope this helps clarify my situation. I was looking into Address D000 and F000 as shown in the FSUIPC4 Offsets Status document but I am not good with Bytes and don't really understand offsets. I really want to make this bot for the Flight Sim Community once its stable I will release it on GitHub. I hate how terrible in-game communications are and always wanted get use out of the Plane Radios with Discord. I believe every server should just be able to open a Jar file input a few variables and have realistic COMs. Any help is greatly appreciated! Screenshot of the Interrogate is below and I also posted a quick GIF of my current progress. Thanks everyone! CrazzMC As you can see below it doesn't pick up G-BAFM, N-ACAB, UKR1337 and NAVAD163. But it does pick up the local guys. Problem is it replaces NAV001 with NAVY. Not sure where the tailsign goes. Here you can see I get it working if the "Pilot" has the script running, but this isn't that nice as I would rather have the script running on the Server Host computer.
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