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  1. Ta Thomas, I really appreciate it. Cheers Warwick
  2. G'day Thomas, Thanks for that, I've purchased a new licence and seem to be up and running ok. Cheers Warwick
  3. Hi everyone, I've just purchased Prepar3d and want to know how to get my currently registered copy of FSUIPC (originally purchased and used with FSX) to work with Prepar3d. Am I able to use the same licence with both products? How do I make this happen? Can I keep the existing configs that I developed for FSX with Prepar3d? Many thanks for the help. Cheers Warwick
  4. Hi Volker, I do actually have 2 monitors and use the second one for instruments etc. Good thought about changing the window size of that one. Now I just have to figure out how to do it! Cheers, Warwick
  5. Hallo allerseits, Ich bin relativ neu im FSX und fange gerade an, die Möglichkeiten aller Addons zu erkunden. Ich habe die Testversion von FlightSim Commander und sie sieht gut aus. Mein Problem ist, dass FSX darüber ausgeführt wird und keines der FSC-Fenster sichtbar ist, wenn ich FSX ausführe. Ich habe die Option "Always On Top" im FSC-Menü aktiviert, frage mich jedoch, was ich falsch mache. Vielen Dank für Ihren Rat Warwick
  6. Hi John and Pete, Thanks so much for your advice. I'm in the fortunate position of being able to justify an brand new PC that I can setup FSX on again so hopefully that will sort things out. I've downloaded a copy of Spad but I reckon I'll start out nice and slow with standard Windows drivers only to begin with and then add FSUIPC and Spad once I'm sure things are working properly. So grateful for your help. Cheers Warwick
  7. Hey Pete, Thanks so much for your support, it makes such a difference especially at my early stage of Flight Simming. I thought it might have been the USB ports and have swapped between them but the problem has persisted. So no joy there. Strangely I thought I'd go back to first principles this morning and started FSX without FSUIPC running and the throttle/mixture levers seem to be responding as normal. I've no idea why this might be although I've only limited confidence that it will continue that way! It's a bit disheartening as my Saitek Panel/Radio and Flight Switch boxes arrived yesterday and I haven't even bothered to unbox them until I can get some stability with what I have running at the moment. Just to add another layer, I have to upgrade from Windows 7 to Win10 in the next week or so and I wonder if that will help or hinder. Maybe buy a whole new gaming PC (hahahahah!) Cheers mate Warwick
  8. I've just been through the registry reset and sadly this hasn't resolved the problem. The weird thing is that they throttles (and yoke) were behaving ok just a few days ago and then randomly started misbehaving. As far as I can tell nothing has changed and this was why I bought FSUIPC. Most odd and I'm still stuck with misbehaving throttles.
  9. Thanks Pete, it's great to have a community of experienced people around to help out. Also, surely you'd think Saitek would have addressed this problem by now, we spend enough money with them! Cheers Warwick
  10. G'day everyone, I'm new to FlightSims and FSUIPC and I'm finding that the shear volume of information out there is melting my brain! I hope you don't mind me asking a basic question as I've not yet been able to get my head across the details of FSUIPC yet. I've just registered FSUIPC and am working on setting it up with FSX SE and my Saitek Yoke/Throttles and have run into a wrinkle. After going through the Axis assignment tab for the throttle and mix levers I've found that the first half of the throttle/mix lever movement is "dead". There is no response in FSX until the lever reaches about 50%. I'm guessing I've done something wrong (or not done something) and I'd be really grateful for some pointers. Cheers Warwick Canberra, Australia
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