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  1. Hi guys downed Frankfurt and real colour airport down loaded no problem, running real colour and used same path saying down loaded but I still have fictional airlines not realife airlines, frustration.... -- Edit subject line to reflect the issue solved. - Mods.
  2. How would I get correct folders, I just tried down loading jfk 3 times keeps going to windows c this is where I'm getting stuck and not moving forward, im clicking on it and it says entestions airport planes etc but my tower 3d is in desktop it's getting it from file c to game I'm struggling with
  3. Cool will give that a go thank you pal
  4. Will give it a look mate I'm awful with computers... but will be home soon.... so would you delete what I've down loaded and start again... install is this the location I'm sending it to, like when it goes file c etc I put that or am I looking for this after down load in file c ...
  5. I see one for airports ends 3d pro I'm not using 3d pro will it work
  6. That location?? For tower 3d Thank you btw
  7. Is there a simple solution this like a step by step I've got to down load stage... could just be I'm using the wrong location when down loading
  8. I have no idea pal I down loaded them that's all pal... just clicked on steam 3d then down loaded
  9. Hello I purchased JFK and OMBD for tower 3d and I down loaded them but they've not added to my game do you have any advice or a way to fix this.. I know when I down loaded real colour and real traffic I had to add a different code for file location ... many thanks I'm stuck at a loose end here
  10. I have both pal, is there a particular order to down load them in
  11. Hello guys I down loaded real colour on tower 3d after messing around with it i got it up some airlines were white n it was bugging me so I tried re down real colour, I've followed all the links tower 3d stream to the right file and I'm only getting the custom made up airlines, it is frustrating me I've followed forums deleted reloaded over and over and I'm still getting custom air lines, at klaxx is it, it's really frustrating and im normally good with computers but this is really defeating me... Help
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