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  1. Will it be okay if I remove one of the 2 texpack23s or is it best I don’t?
  2. I see, thanks, looks like I will have to do some file digging.
  3. I think I might be admin, thanks for your help but the problem has persisted and when I move some files around it either doesn't work completely or some liveries appear but they are off where they might be too low on the plane.
  4. I am using it in steam and there is no desktop shortcut. I just press play on the steam library to begin the game.
  5. I am not running the game as an admin I am using the current version I have real color for KPHL and KDFW. I got the right RC pack.
  6. Hi, I got real color for KPHL from atcsuite.com. For some reason when I play KPHL about half of the planes are white even though I bought Real Color. I dunno if it just isn't working or it isn't in the files but I don't have full liveries for all planes. I am using the default real traffic schedule.
  7. Hi, I was looking at the custom schedule I got for DFW from the list and I noticed the plane for British Airways was the 777 but in real life (as of February 23 anyway) it is a 747. I want to place in a 747 but I don't know if the real color for DFW has the 747. I would prefer a 777 with a livery than a 747 without a livery. I cannot see the manifest on the list within the forum for some reason and the manifest list I have currently in my DFW files just says Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, etc. So if any of you can see and understand the manifest pack can I know if there is a 747 BA livery for DFW.
  8. OK thanks for your help. I don't think feel there will give me any love for Valentines after I ask them for my money back.
  9. I bought it from feelthere and atcsuite
  10. Ok thanks the problem seems to have gone but is there a way I can get a refund for two of those real color I got. Or is it non refundable
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