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  1. Ok thanks another thing is while making one flight an American 737 max 8 the livery was just white so I tries it with southwest and it was also just plain white. Is that there purposefully until the max is no longer grounded or is it just an issue?
  2. Yeah it works but normally if I press 08:00 to load in it would normally start at around 07:43 or something like that but for me it loads in at 08:00 on the dot
  3. Wait it really does cost $700? Is the price in USD
  4. People who have a flightaware account how much would it cost to get flight data for Christmas Eve 2019 or Christmas Day 2019. I would like both prices please. Thanks -Propilot
  5. I don’t have access to my computer now but will in about 2 hours
  6. I have 2 normal departures and 1 normal arrival as of now editing the schedule the first flight is at 01:00.
  7. It sometime works and sometimes doesn’t i try 01:00 but sometimes it loads 08:00 also normally when i select 08:00 it starts at around 07:46 but now it does it at 08:00 on the dot.
  8. and it won't let me spawn at a different time other than 08:00
  9. Guys when I spawn in it always puts me in at 08:55 and there is only one flight there called flexjet. what is the prob
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