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  1. I am considering a new schedule, which one would you guys like to see if any? These are all I can do since TIST is a waste of time and the rest are the only ones I have and would prefer doing to be able to test before release.
  2. Thanksgiving is an American Holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November of the year. In 2020 it was the 26th. This schedule is based off of the airplane movements in and out of KDFW on November 26th 2020 therefore in some hours there will be a major imbalance of arrivals to departures and that is just how it was in real life. You will need an updated terminal file to accomidate airlines such as Viva Aerobus, if there are any white planes then I apologize, I won't be able to fix GA planes but any cargo and/or passenger planes just type it below and I will take a look at it, the planes would be white though to accommodate for the accuracy. Enjoy This schedule would not have been possible without the help of @crbascott @Ron C and @Braf123456 kdfw_schedule.txt kdfw_terminal.txt
  3. Thanks, I have tested the schedule and it works. Will add extra terminal file just in case. The schedule was a success, thanks to all who helped. Once the schedule is posted I will link it here.
  4. For me FDY is in GA and MRA is in a cargo area terminal. Do I need to make any changes regarding that? I changed all the Envoy planes to Republic so they aren't all white.
  5. Here is my fixed schedule, the only issue I am having is a lot of the regional planes in terminal B are white planes so I will be looking at the real color list. kdfw_schedule.txt
  6. Yes, these were the real aircraft movements of KDFW on November 26th.
  7. Yeah, it isn't that balanced but that is the real traffic movements of KDFW on November 26th 2020 (Thanksgiving), I screenshotted the flights from Flightradar24 also I do think all the airlines are in the terminal file. I checked all the ones that I wasn't familiar with myself. The only one that might not be there is the Viva Aero bus near the end which I will check.
  8. Hello guys, I have finished working on my Thanksgiving 2020 Schedule for KDFW. I was wondering if you guys could test it out and recommend where changes could be made, you don't need to do the whole thing by any means but like just a small bit. Thanks. kdfw_schedule.txt
  9. Seeing as Christmas is upon us I have been thinking as soon as I finish my Thanksgiving 2020 schedule I get going on a Christmas Eve Schedule but I don’t want to create unneeded schedules so I don’t fill up the list and such so would you guys prefer a KDFW schedule or a KPHL schedule? These are the only two I can make since I don’t have other airports to actually test the schedule on before posting and KLAX is far too crazy for me right now.
  10. The same happened with mine where whatever time I put the game would have a seizure and give me the same flight at a time I didn’t choose. It might not be the same problem but for me it was just some simple problems littered through the schedule such as missing comas, typos in IATA codes, typos in type of plane, and in general just small petty things that if went through with another look you could probably fix. Most of the people on the forum would also recommend you attach the file so they can look at it. Just from experience.
  11. Thank you for the clarification and for the work you have done to the community.
  12. I am sorry, wasn’t trying to sound needy. I know the links are the issue, I misspoke. I know I need to have patience. Maybe the claim he hasn’t gotten to me yet was unnecessary but I saw it as like a status info like where the solution is in the timeline. And I am aware this isn’t a 24/7 thing for everyone just saying.
  13. Hello, I created the COVID 19 DFW Schedule and while I have been trying to get to @pete_agreatguy he hasn’t responded to my message yet. Just wanted to give you guys the heads up that when you try and download by schedule it gives you @battlehawk77’s schedule and when you click on his it sends you to mine. Just a heads up.
  14. Alright guys. Mission accomplished. I have posted the schedule and have PMed Pete_agreatguy to add it to his list. Thank you all for your help through the entire creation of this schedule. Have a great rest of your year and I hope to get working on my next schedule soon. COVID 19 Density KDFW CUSTOM Schedule - ATC Simulators - The simFlight Network Forums
  15. Hello, so I decided to make a schedule for KDFW mimicking the traffic density during the COVID -19 Pandemic. This schedule is very light in the way of density with the most departures per hour being around 35. This is recommended for the beginner to the game or airport, or someone wanting really easy, casual, and slow gameplay. The project was started in April and I ended up taking a break in the summer but due to more time on my hands I finally finished it. I could not have made this schedule without the help of these amazing community members: Controller- Rouge, hexzed, 707FAN, bartccost, EliGrim, and crbascott. I would have been lost without them and their incredible help is what helped this project keep going. This was also a great easy schedule for me to start on and hopefully they should be better in the future. Thank you. kdfw_schedule.txt
  16. I tested it. It works! Thank you for the help! Now I have completed the visual graph for the post and am basically done but there seems to be a gap of literally no flights at 01:00, 02:00, and only one at 03:00. Now the point of the schedule is to be like a COVID schedule when air travel is lower but for gameplay's sake should I add like one or two flights in those slots or keep them empty?
  17. Thank you so much for your help and hard work. These are very petty things that I am really annoyed at missing. Everyone that assisted in this will get honorable mentions and while I haven't tested it 100% yet (i'll do it in the morning as it is the middle of the night where I am) I do think that it should work or at least help. Thank you!
  18. So, for 20:00 the time I was trying to load up, it works well and the sky is no longer flickering but the game only seems to want to load up night time and any time I try to load up the game between 03:00-14:00 it just does not load and sits at 63% loaded. For assistance here is the new edits I made to the schedule. kdfw_schedule.txt
  19. Ok, Thanks for the clarification and am fixing it now.
  20. I am facepalming so hard right now at that mistake, I guess it just gets lost in the flights. Sadly though the problem is persisting. Unless there is some more issues in here (which there probably is) then I guess I'll have to stick to my current schedule I downloaded.
  21. It is a fairly big folder with multiple files. Do you want the entire folder or a specific file? Either way I would hope to see if there is just an irregularity in the schedule as it would probably be easier to fix.
  22. Sorry, I am new to this whole thing. How exactly do I do that? For reference I run my game on the steam version for Windows 10.
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