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  1. Yeah, but KPHL isn’t that popular of an airport in my opinion. From what I see, more people prefer LAX than PHL
  2. Yes same for my schedule, then when I am done I copy and paste it for the schedule to work.
  3. Oh, I see. So I can't test the schedule accurately until I have departures?
  4. The schedule so far is only arrivals, I plan to get departures after the arrivals are completed. The issue is since the schedule starts at 00:01 and I set the time to 00:00 and press play but, the game loads in at around 13:00.
  5. Hi, I am currently working on a low stress airport schedule for KDFW, I am doing everything right I think but some issues come up when testing, some airplanes don't load in and the time I have gotten to so far in the schedule is just arrivals from 00:01 to 09:00. This is the way I have done the schedule so far,
  6. Yeah, this might be a good idea. For the beginner player, or the player that doesn't do well under lots of pressure. Instead of just lowering the density to 50%, if it is still too much or they don't like the way the game does lower density they could just use those schedules.
  7. Yeah, that isn’t a bad idea. Do you think I should do all the flights including the ones canceled or just the ones that are flying?
  8. Yeah, I understand what you are trying to say. I am trying to work on a schedule for the scheduled flights. I didn’t want to come off as complaining if that is what it sounded like then I am sorry. I was just pointing something out.
  9. Will there be a new schedule for KDFW if not I can try making one on the scheduled flights.
  10. Ok thanks, turns out I accidentally deleted the other files so feelthere resent the download links.
  11. Will it be okay if I remove one of the 2 texpack23s or is it best I don’t?
  12. I see, thanks, looks like I will have to do some file digging.
  13. this is what I have my real color files
  14. I think I might be admin, thanks for your help but the problem has persisted and when I move some files around it either doesn't work completely or some liveries appear but they are off where they might be too low on the plane.
  15. I am using it in steam and there is no desktop shortcut. I just press play on the steam library to begin the game.
  16. I am not running the game as an admin I am using the current version I have real color for KPHL and KDFW. I got the right RC pack.
  17. Hi, I got real color for KPHL from atcsuite.com. For some reason when I play KPHL about half of the planes are white even though I bought Real Color. I dunno if it just isn't working or it isn't in the files but I don't have full liveries for all planes. I am using the default real traffic schedule.
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