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  1. Thanks John, works a treat as shown with the aircraft parked at Honolulu - 10 hours behind GMT/UT.
  2. Hi John / Pete, In the FSUIPC Offsets PDF there is an entry for Zulu Day of Week. Reading this value and together with other offsets and a bit of code I can display Mon, Tue, Wed etc in a LUA display on a wideFS PC. I find this helpful when checking Ai timetables as I can see the local time and date in FS. See attached image. However, the Zulu Day Of Week value has no corresponding Local Day of Week value. So, for example if I'm located in Hawaii or New Zealand at certain UK times the Zulu Day of Week value is for the wrong day. It shows my day of week rather than the local day of week. I appreciate if there's no value in P3D you can't extract it. But is there any way it can be coded in LUA to show the correct day of week?
  3. I would have to learn a whole new system John. It might appear clunky but it works. I tried right-clicking on the separate door lights on the overhead hoping it would make them move. No chance. The CDU system seems the only way in combination with GIT to get the LED on my T8 panel to light up.
  4. John, I have to say FSUIPC is very impressive to run this code so precisely. When you consider it’s navigating its way through the CDU menu it does it extremely quickly. It just needs the user to get things right. 😃
  5. Problem identified and solved. I didn't tell you the full picture. I also use GoFlight Interface Tool so I can get the LEDs to illuminate and extinguish depending on the door state. I had already programmed front Left and front Right into GIT and was repeating the action via my code above. So front left and right were being operated twice - hence the problem. I've removed the offending lines and now the code works flawlessly. Thanks all for your suggestions. 👍
  6. I may have a solution. Looking through the events these are listed... // Custom shortcut special events #define EVT_LDG_LIGHTS_TOGGLE (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 14000) #define EVT_TURNOFF_LIGHTS_TOGGLE (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 14001) #define EVT_COCKPIT_LIGHTS_TOGGLE (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 14002) #define EVT_COCKPIT_LIGHTS_ON (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 14003) #define EVT_COCKPIT_LIGHTS_OFF (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 14004) #define EVT_DOOR_FWD_L (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 14005) #define EVT_DOOR_FWD_R (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 14006) #define EVT_DOOR_AFT_L (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 14007) #define EVT_DOOR_AFT_R (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 14008) #define EVT_DOOR_OVERWING_EXIT_L (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 14009) #define EVT_DOOR_OVERWING_EXIT_R (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 14010) #define EVT_DOOR_CARGO_FWD (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 14013) // note number skip to match eDoors enum #define EVT_DOOR_CARGO_AFT So rather than program events to navigate through the CDU these may be the solution. More later...
  7. Yes, it’s LSK5L from memory to move up one level in the CDU menu. The top level is two levels up. I’ll try the logging option and see if it reveals anything.
  8. Luke, I have no experience with LVARS. Given the completeness of the PMDG SDK you would expect all this to work. I’ll check with them if there’s a direct command for the doors operation. The commands beginning with P are the on switch action and U the off switch action. They’re identical for each switch.
  9. Hi John / Pete, P3Dv5.2HF1 with the PMDG737 NGXu and FSUIPC6 v6.1.0.2. There was an excellent tutorial posted here a few years ago that showed how to program actions for the PMDG737 using GoFlight hardware. I used it back then for the 737NGX and have copied / pasted it for the 737NGXu as the SDK is identical for these purposes. One multiple action is to open and close Pax doors (left forward and aft) and the other is for cargo (forward and aft). So 2 doors for each of 2 switches. Whilst the opening sequence always works more often than not the closing one doesn't with one door on each sequence remaining open. I've reexamined the instructions but cannot see a problem. The sequence is shown on the attached jpg. Any help would be appreciated for this frustrating problem. The sequence starts by selecting the MENU option on the CDU and navigating to the Doors menu. After actioning the doors the menu actions take the user back to the top level of the CDU so each sequence starts at the same point.
  10. ShowMultilineWindow=No SuppressSingleline=No SuppressMultilineFS=Yes Has fixed the problem. 👍 No need to delve into very old code. Thanks!
  11. Hi Pete, Happy to do the test you suggest. I’ll report back later today. Thanks for checking this.
  12. Pete, don't spent much time on this. It's soon sorted but it would be nice if it didn't appear at all. Shouldn't SuppressMultilineFS=Yes prevent the RC window from showing? The options in FSUIPC don't make any reference to SimConnect and like most, I'm not an expert on how these things are controlled.
  13. Hi Pete, I use ShowText on a WideFS PC for Radar Contact. Have done for years. No extra space on that monitor for another lua script window I'm afraid. This seems to be a long-standing issue. I had the same in v4 but just lived with it. It's not a major issue but it just seems that if I select the option not to show a multiline SimConnect window for RC it should work.
  14. Hi Pete. Doing that would also suppress the Active Sky stuff wouldn't it? I want to keep that as it's useful to know when the wx is being updated.
  15. Hi John / Pete, Running v6.1.2 in P3D v5.2. I use Radar Contact on a separate PC/display so have no need to see the window for RC on the sim PC. I have selected Suppress Multiline in FS's Window so in theory should not see the RC window. But I do when it's first launched. I have these settings in the ini file:- ShowMultilineWindow=Yes SuppressSingleline=No SuppressMultilineFS=Yes Can you spot anything wrong with those options that would cause the RC window to be displayed?
  16. Just an update to this. I added the AIFreezer.lua to the P3Dv5 Add-ons\FSUIPC6 folder and edited FSUIPC6.ini to call the file. A flight from LEBB over to LEBL was used to test things. Landing traffic was assigned to 07L with departures using 07R. I requested 07R in RC4 and when around 8 miles out I noticed one Ai with a status of TakeOff2 indicating he was on his take-off roll. Others were taxiing out to 07R. I lowered the gear around 4 miles and was cleared to land. Landing was fine with no go-around instruction. SUCCESS! The FSUIPC6.log indicates the lua was called and froze and then released Ai at the relevant points. Thanks for your help Pete. 😀
  17. Hi Pete. I dunno why RC4 doesn’t handle Ai very well. Maybe it’s the increased number of them with AIG injecting far more than back then. But the lua file you mention looks like it will do the job. I’ll investigate, thanks.
  18. He’s too busy walking the dog and watching the snooker! 🤣 It’s okay John, it was more a request to see if it was doable and it sounds like someone with LUA skills could help out. With the RC author haven given up many years ago working out why it no longer works is a non-starter.
  19. Hi John. I would imagine the guilty aircraft would be one of the 96. My LUA skills are fairly rudimentary sadly. I do use Ai Companion and that offers the facility to delete Ai aircraft but you’ll appreciate switching attention to another screen whilst manually flying the final approach is not ideal. As a former RC user Pete might have some thoughts about how best to manage this. If I’m really lucky he might even knock together a script for me. 😀 Something that every RC user would appreciate.
  20. Hi John, hope you're keeping well in these difficult times. I wonder if you could help with an Ai problem in P3D which impacts on Radar Contact instructions. When I'm around 3-4 miles out it's too far to see if Ai are lining up to depart on my landing runway. Even if I could see them I suspect Traffic Zapper would not work that far out. What then happens is the Ai lines up and with 2 miles to run Radar Contact detects the Ai and issues me with a Go-Around. Very frustrating when the rest of the flight has gone well. Would it be possible for FSUIPC to monitor Ai assigned to my landing runway and as soon as the status changes to TakeOff1 to kill them? That status is activated when the Ai start to move onto the runway from the hold-short point. Is that doable? Radar Contact used to freeze Ai when the user's aircraft was on finals but it doesn't appear to work any more.
  21. Hi Luke, the only indication mine were disconnecting and reconnecting almost immediately in flight was the USB disconnect / reconnect sound being played. If you’re not hearing that (confirmed by entries in the FSUIPC.log then it’s not the problem I was having. Certainly keeping devices plugged in to the same ports is essential to avoid these problems. Good luck!
  22. Hi Pete, that’s why I removed my comment as I noticed he was plugging the yoke in only when the sim was running. But if Devices are disconnecting and reconnecting during flight then it sounds like the problem I had.
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