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  1. It's related to v2 of KPHX and a combo of Ai and animated jetways. FB are going to convert jetways to SODE. Several others have reported various problems at KPHX involving Ai.
  2. I and a few other people are having problems with P3D crashing at Flightbeam's KPHX v2 airport. We all have MyTrafficPro. If Ai % is set to 2 the scenery loads fine and I can reposition the aircraft at multiple gates. Pete Dowson's Traffic Look shows there to be just 4 Ai loaded. If I increase Ai to 3% it will crash P3D (P3D has stopped responding). This is consistent and reproducible. If Ai is set to 0% I can reposition multiple times without a problem. Everything points to MyTraffic having a bad Ai texture file. Is it possible to generate a timetable of Ai at KPHX around 12:00 Local to identify a possible culprit?
  3. Delete Old Airlines & Aircraft

    MyTrafficPro is a very good Addon for FSX/P3D But I do find it very difficult to modify aspects of it such as what is being requested here. Monarch has gone into receivership and none of their aircraft are flying. It shouldn’t be that difficult for those aircraft and scheduled flights to be removed from the database. Monarch won’t be alone of course. Over time others will disappear and new airlines will come into the picture. Some detailed guidance on the required steps to make these changes should be part of an FAQ.
  4. Ai refresh problems on STB

    Hi Simon, I've found that even if I reduce the time on RemoveAISleepers with P3D running the multiple Departed nn:nn entries can be removed by selecting Disconnect and Reconnect on the Client.
  5. Ai refresh problems on STB

    I'm running P3D v3.4 and STB (versions unknown but they are the latest after a check) on a server / client setup. I'm using a utility that checks the departure time for Ai aircraft and if that time is more than 90 mins ahead it deletes them. Well, they don't get deleted immediately but they are removed from the gate they occupy and placed within the 40nm 'bubble' in P3D. Several minutes later they are deleted. I'm doing this because when I arrive at airports like LPPT all the terminal gates are occupied by Ai and many won't be departing for several hours. But the problem is STB is not updating its display to reflect these changes. I even closed the client and server applications and started them again a minute later. The same Ai aircraft were shown on STB but they didn't actually occupy the gate STB showed them at. Can you offer any reason why this is happening please? Shouldn't STB refresh its data many times a minute? What is the default refresh time? The server runs on a i7 4770K and the client on an i5 so plenty of processing power.
  6. Ai refresh problems on STB

    Hi Simon, I've reordered the loading of programs which results in not having a load of departed aircraft showing up on STB. I run RemoveAISleepers from SimStarterNG and mark it only to run when P3D is ready. From FSUIPC I run the DataServer and again, only when P3D is ready. This gives me a 'clean' STB schedule.
  7. Ai refresh problems on STB

    Hi Simon, Don't worry. It's something I can live with until I eventually make the move to v4. I thought it might be of interest to you. When I do make the move I'll be in touch.
  8. Ai refresh problems on STB

    Hi Simon, I've been busy today testing a new version of RemoveAiSleepers by Oliver Binder which removes all Ai that have a departure time more than 90mins ahead of the current sim time. STB then updates its schedule showing those aircraft as "Departed nn:nn" where nn:nn is the time the Ai was deleted. This is a freeware program available for all versions of FSX/P3D which you may be interested in. Scroll down to the bottom of that page. https://lorby-si.weebly.com/downloads.html It's annoying that P3D / MyTraffic Pro inject these aircraft so many hours before their departure time. It means there are fewer gates at your arrival airport and too many effectively static aircraft at your departure one. By removing the Ai that won't depart for at least 90 mins I'm able to increase my Ai Traffic % and as a consequence see far more ground movements as a result as well as having more free gates at my destination. I'm not attaching any blame to STB. It's just the window into what's happening in FSX / P3D.
  9. Ai refresh problems on STB

    Hi Simon, Thanks for your reply. I'm busy on a test flight today but will do as you ask tomorrow.
  10. SuperTrafficBoard V3.4.1.2 Update for Prepar3D-V3

    The link to the Data Server is returning 404 - not found.
  11. I've just noticed that P3D v3.4 as well as LittleNavMap are showing a strange Registration Code for Ai aircraft. For example, P3D shows 767-300 N?358AN. The only program that shows them correctly is SuperTrafficBoard. Is this a long-standing issue that I've just stumbled across or do I have some type of corruption of my Ai package? I've looked in the relevant aircraft.cfg file but cannot find any reference to registration. How do they get assigned a code and why can’t P3D etc. show a non-ASCII character?
  12. Ai Traffic shows ? in reg name

    Sorry, posted in FAQ forum. Can you move it please? I've just noticed that P3D v3.4 as well as LittleNavMap are showing a strange Registration Code for Ai aircraft. For example, P3D shows 767-300 N?358AN. The only program that shows them correctly is SuperTrafficBoard. Is this a long-standing issue that I've just stumbled across or do I have some type of corruption of my Ai package? I've looked in the relevant aircraft.cfg file but cannto find any reference to registration. How do they get assigned a code?
  13. Thanks for confirming this is a P3Dv4 error Pete. James had posted the problem in the RC Forum but everything was fine with P3D v3.4 and I couldn't reproduce it.
  14. I am investigating why frame rates are so poor at KORD (FSDT) on the initial load and for the next couple of minutes. It's definitely connected to the Ai because with MT6 disabled the frame rates are 60+ as soon as the scenery is loaded. This screenshot taken from the Cub in P3D v3.4 shows several aircraft with blacked-out fuselages. There are more around the terminal buildings, perhaps 15-20 overall. I have plenty of VAS remaining - over 2Gb so it's very difficult to work out what is going wrong. With MT6 scenery enabled the frame rate on first load is around 14 but within two minutes it has climbed to 30-35. Clearly there are two issues here:- 1) Very poor fps whilst the Ai loading is taking place and 2) multiple blacked out aircraft for which I have no answer. The blacked-out aircraft appear at many airports including KLAX and EGLL. Any ideas what's gone wrong?
  15. Multiple black aircraft in P3D v3.4 - MT Pro v6.0a

    No, don't think so. It seems worst at KORD and after a minute or so everything is fine. Just a really long time to get everything loaded and stabilised.
  16. Hi again Pete, Problem has been sorted with the help of Lorby. v1.03 of his program is now available.
  17. Hi Pete, I know you're on holiday for a week but wanted to write this whilst it was fresh in my mind. I have MakeRwys and 1.02 of Lorby's Addon Organiser. I have 11 FSDreamTeam and FlightBeam airports but when MakeRwys generates its own MakeRwys_scenery.cfg those entries include \scenery. The downside of this is that programs like EFB won't find the scenery as it looks for a \scenery subfolder in the supplied path. Lorby doesn't think this should be happening but it is. I have to remove \scenery from those entries before EFB reads them correctly. Any thoughts?
  18. Multiple black aircraft in P3D v3.4 - MT Pro v6.0a

    Problem solved. I was still using the MyTraffic entry in scenery.cfg. Instead I followed the instructions in creating an add-on.xml written by Elaine here. It solved the problem of black aircraft but the slow fps problem still exists. Takes over one minute to climb from 12 to 40.
  19. MyTraffic 6a for Prepar3D v3 & v4

    Hi Elaine, Thanks for the detailed instructions. MT6 now running via the add-on file rather than scenery.cfg. Just one point for users of P3D v3.4. The MyTraffic6 folder needs creating in Users\XXXX\Documents\Prepar3D v3 Add-ons
  20. Flying Concorde from EGLL to Barbados (TBPB) I overtook a BA777 during the descent. After taxiing to a gate and parking I looked out for him. Around 10 minutes later he landed and turned on to a taxiway towards the terminal. But then something strange happened. He just disappeared. Why? Why fly all that way and then when so close to the terminal would FSX (or something else) delete the aircraft? My sim is FSX:SP2.
  21. BA777 disappeared when taxiing in. Why?

    Thanks Burkhard, will do.
  22. Hi Pete, As you know I'm using your lua script running on a WideClient PC to show fps, remaining VAS and Ai Count. I have transferred the file to my laptop and want the text colour to stand out a bit more but I'm struggling in successfully changing the relevant command. It's light green at present as shown in this line... wnd.textcol(w, 0x06c0) This corresponds to decimal 1728 but I cannot see how that number ends up as light green. I have searched the web for help but all I keep finding are RGB values that will give a certain colour. For example, blue is 0,0,255 Can you help please?
  23. Changing text colour in LUA

    Woops! :)
  24. Changing text colour in LUA

    Hi Pete, I understand hex and the base is 16. A=10, B=11 and so on. I was mistakenly thinking the max would be 12 and not 16. Got it now, thanks.
  25. Changing text colour in LUA

    Hi Pete, Thanks for your answer. So it's not necessary to convert to decimal. Do you have a link to a calculator that would give the correct value for each colour? I'm really struggling to find anything. LATER: I should be able to adapt the values from RGB calculators. So if yellow is 255,255,0 would that presumably convert to 0CC0.?

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