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  1. Hopefully more updates for V4 in the near future too!
  2. Ever since installing SP1 the autotune feature for the ILS frequency doesn't occur until you're within about 5-10NM of the airport. I believe it tunes the frequency around 30nm out on the real aircraft. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. Does anyone know of an American (Envoy/Republic) livery for the E170, not the 175?
  4. Any update on this? Possible hotfix?
  5. Looks really good. One thing I noticed...the heated leading edge (chrome finish) of the winglet is painted over.
  6. Awesome looking forward to it! Hopefully an American E190 comes out too!
  7. Has anyone found United, American, or Delta liveries for the 170? Republic Airways operates the E170 for all 3 of these legacies.
  8. This is EPIC load dependent. Different planes and different carriers all have different versions of the avionics software. The carrier I’m most familiar with, uses manual speeds (blue) below 10,000, unless there is a speed restriction on an RNAV arrival.
  9. This is correct, but NAV will only show up in white below the green ROLL. In an armed state. Unfortunately the current Ejets doesn't simulate this. It currently puts the NAV in green replacing the ROLL.
  10. I have had this happen. It seems the AT goes from TO mode to the HOLD mode. I've found that if you manually increase your throttle when the AT is grabbing them it works out. Technically your throttle position should be changing...
  11. dahsteak


    >4000 fpm isn't really accurate and is quite rare in any commercial jet, unless it's flying empty. Most track logs show around 2000-3000 fpm on average below 10,000 feet. Obviously this changes every flight based on loading and fuel.
  12. Regardless though when it does catch up and equals out at 250knots it still does 4000-5000 which is still excessive.
  13. Taxi light does seem a bit dim even on the new hotfix. It might be angled wrong though. I did some testing on landing with just the nose taxi light on and it was quite bright when being pointed towards the runway, rather when on the ground when I think it's pointed to far upward. When taxiing around terminals it seems to illuminate the walls much brighter than the ground.
  14. Yeah I get this too. Seems like it accelerates really fast, sometimes past 250IAS, then it tries to bleed off the extra speed by climbing at those rates when <10,000Ft. Above 10,000 it climbs just fine. If you look at a track log of an E175 flight on flightaware, the plane rarely gets above 3000fpm in most cases.
  15. Everything here seems spot on. I'm looking forward to SP1.
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