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  1. someone know how to fix ? E190 v3 p3d v5.1
  2. I try with other plane and everything work
  3. have a multi-display setup, one display for the flight sim and the other for ProjectFly, Navigraph charts, AS etc. When I click away from the simulator, the sim sounds mute, as is the usual behavior, but when clicking back, sounds return, except for the engine sounds.
  4. Some one have do E190 Alitalia no SkyTeam?
  5. sorry, I retry but nothing appended. I read this solution on the manuale but it does’t work
  6. If you click prev before starting the descent, when you clicking app it does not work
  7. This is I think the answer. Tomorrow I try if it work
  8. I read that the solution is click prev after the descent is start
  9. The autopilot commanded idle thrust. it my second flight so I checked in future
  10. I speak about embraer 190 v3. i set the direct Vor into the fmc and after that the a/t became to reduce de speed down to the minimum and the plane fall down. if I disengage and engage every autopilot system everything rework only for a few minutes
  11. After I set the direct in the fmc the A/T went crazy and the engines did not detach from the minimum
  12. Embraer 175 in every airport. I try today EDDF ils RW 25c. APP work only if you do the star with Nav Active
  13. I have the same problem. After the ATC vectoring HDG don’t switch to APP
  14. I know that exist only 175STD Alitalia but there isn’t in prepar3d this model so if it is possible to do it would make me happy
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