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  1. good evening, when i turn on only engine 1 the aircraft will not move. in the e175/170/195/190 i have tried empty but it's the same at every ariport
  2. TR3K

    big lights

    i have reinstalled windows,p3d hotfix 2 and the embraer and i still have big lights
  3. TR3K

    big lights

    does anyone have a solution for this? ps. i have latest version
  4. TR3K


    i have also tried to set the power manually to those values and it was like in the videos
  5. TR3K


    i think i found the problem, i noticed on videos on youtube that the CLIMB2 N1 is between 85 and 92 and in the sim is between 95 and 97. same for CLIMB1 . maybe that's why it climbs so fast
  6. @Marcofo3 the feelthere 175 doesn't have alitalia winglet
  7. i agree with you. it is also very difficult to slow down, it's very powerful during takeoff/climb and during taxi has a tendency to turn left
  8. TR3K


    i don't fly it so i don't know but also other streamers on twitch which are embraer pilot says the same. i also saw a lot of of videos on youtube and it wasn't that fast.
  9. TR3K

    EMB V3 VSS Display

    also for me on the 170,175,190,195
  10. TR3K


    my father is rated on the embraer and he tried the addon with me and he said that all the versions are too overpowered
  11. TR3K


    good evening, every flight i do the airplane (170,175,190,195) climbs very fast also if i am very heavy. is that also in the real airplane? thanks
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