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  1. MrGarak


    Ahh you're right, thanks, it's the furthest one
  2. MrGarak


    Hello! I checked around and didn't see anything, so please forgive me if I missed it but any plans to add the ability to hide the yoke?
  3. I agree, I thought that this was going to be addressed in SP1, maybe I was wrong? Kinda disappointing.
  4. 175 and 195 for me, don't own the 170/190 so can't test them.
  5. 175 - United and American 195 - Jetblue
  6. I couldn't find a setting for this but when using the mouse wheel to adjust any dial, it is painfully slow, this is a massive pain for adjusting altitudes. Can we get this fixed so it is much faster? Or give us an option to increase the scroll speed?
  7. I have the problem too, the MCP and MCDU are completely unreadable unless you move in very very close.
  8. Yeah a hot fix would be good, this is a HUGE issue for me, I do 90% of my flying at night and the lighting looks awful for the $60 I just spent on it.
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