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  1. Hi there, It is a great shame that V3 does not have a steep approach button for the infamous EGLC approach and looks like it never will. I've tried 2 approaches into EGLC recently and have had to divert elsewhere. Throttle idle (manually not with autothrottle) and flaps full, the aircraft just speeds up way past 160 making it impossible to land. V2 did not have a steep approach function either but the speed stayed near enough on the desired approach speed give or take 5knots. I was wondering if there is a way to either change the configuration so it behaves like V2 or change the configuration to make the spoilers available beyond flap 2 and below 180, so we can imitate the steep approach function. I look forward to hearing from Feelthere and other pilots. Happy Flying
  2. Good Evening, 4X-EA1 is now complete!! Enjoy, please see link below and screenshot!! https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApB2Juk4klxHims5NlPlH86SdUy_?e=DZNJhu CptAnubis ✈️ 🙂
  3. Hi there, Nearly done - here's a little teaser and I have to say the E175 looks good in the El Al livery!! Just need to clean up a few things and add bits here and there. CptAnubis✈️🙂
  4. Hi there, I have now completed D-AWSI in full Braathens Regional livery. Please see screenshot below and follow link ✈️ https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApB2Juk4klxHil0N0Pl6Ow04B_PO?e=CRNXra Enjoy! Cpt Anubis ✈️🙂
  5. Hi there, Where can I find the .ini files? Thanks CptAnubis✈️
  6. Hi there, I'm glad you like the lineage liveries I have made 🙂. Would you like 4X-EA1 on the blue livery or do you want me to create a fictional El Al Israel livery for the E190? CptAnubis✈️🙂
  7. Hi there, Once I have some free time later. I will look into completing D-AJHW for you. CptAnubis✈️🙂
  8. Hello All, Hope you are all healthy and keeping safe. I have been working on a more complex lineage livery. Please see screenshot below. Let me know if you would like this livery and what colours/registration etc. CptAnubis ✈️
  9. Hey all, Screenshot of the first Lineage design I've just completed. Let me know if you'd like different colours and if you have a preference for a personal registration, the reg on this one is G-CPTA. I will be making more designs that are more complex.
  10. Hi there, Just working on a Lineage livery now. Will be posting a screenshot of the first design very soon. Best regards, CptAnubis✈️
  11. Good Morning, Sorry for the short delay - as requested, please see below for link to the Great Dane E195 OY-GDA. https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApB2Juk4klxHik0lU6PKOU9bU5Hp?e=r9wW0Q Cpt Anubis ✈️🙂 Happy Flying!
  12. Hi there, EGLC London City Airport have E170s and E190s operating (BA Cityflyer, KLM, Helvetic etc). Whilst they are on final approach, the airlines that fly these variants are able to open the outer spoilers ever so slightly with 5 or full flaps. Please see this video and go to 6:02 to see this in action. I believe np444 would like to be able to do this with the Feelthere (as would I) to simulate real life operations. Is this something that maybe could be looked into once current issues have been updated and fixed please? Look forward to hearing from you. CptAnubis ✈️🙂
  13. Hi there, I have made OY-GDA for the E195. However, it is not perfect and needs some fine tuning. I'm happy to upload (let's call it a Beta version 🤣) it to my OneDrive if you want but please be aware it looks ok from far away but whatever I do I cannot get the red section at the back correct and on-par with the real livery. Please let me know if you'd like me to upload it. (sorry for the really low res screenshot 🤦‍♂️) Best regards, Cpt Anubis ✈️🙂
  14. Hi again, Apologies - just had a look at OneDrive, appears the left wing texture didn't upload correctly. I have uploaded it again and it is there, please redownload and overwrite when asked. You won't need to change aircraft.cfg or anything else. https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApB2Juk4klxHij9hUtt7_08LFQvw?e=Ktt8Ug Happy Flying ✈️ CptAnubis 🙂
  15. Hi there, I don't have a black wing when I load it on my sim, just trying to work out now what's happened. Thank you for letting me know. Having a look at it now. CptAnubis ✈️
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