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  1. Hi, The Embraer E-jets V3 with that green tint was terrible, so thanks for releasing SP3 and sorting it out along with what definitely seems like flight model improvements. SP3 is working well in P3D V5.2. The newly released FSL Spotlights also works well to light the cockpit. I'm looking forward to get back to flying the Embraer E175 and E195 now, so thanks!
  2. Thanks Vic... I haven't flown the V3 Embraer 175 or 195 since applying P3D V5 HF2, as my reading of Scoobflight's June 7 post could be summarised as "HF2 has broken it". Good to know that this isn't the case.
  3. Is there any update on how things are progressing with the investigation on Prepar3d V5 HF2 compatibility issues?
  4. With your comment: "I know what Simbrief does as I use it for every flight I do. It does by default include SIDS/STARS in the flight plan. I have absolutely no issue and Thats how I do it" I assume by 'flight plan' you mean the .nz2k.flp file that is generated. Just to be clear, I don't need to remove the SID or STAR from the Simbrief route box. When I click on the Generate OFP button in Simbrief and then use SimBrief Downloader to save the .nz2k.flp files, by default the file do NOT include the SID or STAR waypoints. This is what I want to happen, as it is in line with company routes. Would you mind creating the EHAM-EDDM flight (as it includes both a SID & STAR) using the information in the corresponding PDF attached in my last post. Don't manually remove the SID and STAR from the route box and post the resultant .nz2k.flp file, so we can see the differences? Also, out of interest, my Simbrief OFP layout = LIDO, do you use the same? If they're different I wonder does that determine if SID/STARS are included in the generated file?
  5. @scoobflight, I agree that differences in AIRAC versions between the flight plan and the aircraft may cause issues, if the waypoints, navaids, sids, stars, etc. are not the same between the different AIRAC versions. As mentioned above, when I was using the FeelThere E175 and E195 V2, I had several stored flightplans generated by Simbrief, using different AIRAC versions, and was able to select a flightplan and not get a CTD. It is only since I've upgraded to V3 that this issue has occurred. I have compiled the attached 3 flightplans all in the current AIRAC 2001, to allow this issue to be tested by FeelThere, should they want to. After saving each flightplan, I then went into P3D and here is the sequence of events: EGACEHAM01 created - this was the only flightplan saved in the CustomDB folder. Loaded saved flightplan successfully into FMC EHAMEDDM01 created - now 2 flightplans in CustomDB folder. Although EHAMEDDM01 is displayed in the list of flightplans in the FMC, it cannot be selected. CYYCCYVR01 created - now 3 flightplans in CustomDB folder. All 3 flightplans displayed in FMC. I select the 2nd entry on the list (EGACEHAM01) and the CTD occurs. @Matty260191, if you look at the attached flightplans in a text editor, and compare the waypoints with those listed in the corresponding PDFs, you'll see the SID and STAR waypoints aren't included. Maybe this is the reason @rwalls and I are experiencing this issue and you aren't. I've checked to see if there is some option in Simbrief which controls this, but I can't find it. For now I can workaround the issues by only having 1 flightplan stored in the CustomDB folder. EGACEHAM_PDF_1578342435.pdf EHAMEDDM_PDF_1578342286.pdf CYYCCYVR_PDF_1578341615.pdf EGACEHAM01.nz2k.fpl EHAMEDDM01.nz2k.fpl CYYCCYVR01.nz2k.fpl
  6. Simbrief stores the flightplan as a .nz2k.fpl file. It does not include the SID/STARs by default. I have just successfully loaded a flightplan stored using AIRAC 1913 while the aircraft's AIRAC is 2001, so I don't think that's the issue. There are currently only two stored flightplans in the CustomDB folder. Selecting the NAV > FPL LIST option on the FMC, displayed both flightplans, however, only the top one can be selected, so that's another bug.
  7. Good to know you are having the same issue Richard. Like you say, the workaround of keeping less than 3 flight plans in the CustomDB folder works, but hopefully this will be fixed by FeelThere soon.
  8. They are created by SimBrief. I was able to store many SimBrief flightplans in V2 and not have this issue. I also was able to use them in V3, but this was when I had just one flightplan in the folder. I don't know if the issue has been introduced with the Hotfix, or the fact I now have 3 saved flightplans in V3.
  9. On the E175 V3 (Hotfix applied), when I have more than two saved flightplans, the following gives a repeatable CTD: On FMS, set present position Press LSK 6R - FLT PLAN Press LSK 6L - FPL LIST Select second or subsequent saved flight plan - CTD occurs Event viewer is not giving much away.... Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5d8abf93 Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 10.0.18362.535, time stamp: 0x50cc8d5a Exception code: 0xc0020001 Fault offset: 0x000000000003a839 Faulting process ID: 0x4298 Faulting application start time: 0x01d5bd1d1ce10229 Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll Report ID: f21ef2a5-8115-4d96-9bb8-5ff191c0e4db Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: I have quite a few addons: Active Sky, Ultimate Traffic Live were both running. In addition, in case it is important, P3D is installed on C:\ drive and FeelThere E-Jets are on D:\ drive. Running Prepar3D V4.5.13.32097 client on a Windows 10 PC that's up-to-date on patches, etc. - Mods edit: subject line to show issue IDed and FIXED. Fix will be in upcoming SP.
  10. I use Tomato-Shade v31 with the RDPresets Tomato-Shade preset v1.8. After complaining a bit on another thread in this forum about the daytime lighting of the virtual cockpit, especially in overcast conditions, I've realised only a few others were having the same issue. I completely restored all my original shaders, to effectively remove Tomatoshade and the cockpit was all good, even in overcast conditions! After playing about a bit, I found you can still use the RDPresets Tomato-Shade preset with the EJets v3. Just make the following change to the profile. In the HDR & Post-processing options, ensure the Turn off HDR Luminance Adaption option is not ticked. This will adapt the contrast as you change views, rather like a camera, so the overhead panel will quickly become discernible, but then as you change back to a windscreen view, it will look over-exposed and then adjust. If anybody else can suggest alternative tweaks to Tomato-Shade, to 'fix' the 'cockpit too dark' issue, please just add to this topic.
  11. At $60 each, you only need to sell 35 of these and then pay the $2,100 commercial license for TFDi Design's RealLight. That would sort both the daytime and nighttime lighting issues out. I know it's not as simple as that, but interior lighting is really hampering what is essentially a good product!
  12. Why are you not going to fix the daylight lighting?
  13. I have checked the thread below, but only see the issue with the landing lights illuminating the cockpit at night has been included. Could you please confirm if the following issues with lighting in general will all be fixed or enhanced in the next, or a subsequent service pack? During daylight hours there is NO cockpit lighting working at all. It makes the cockpit too dark on a cloudy day. Will daytime lighting be implemented? Will cockpit lighting be made dimmable? At night, there is a 2 or 3 second delay for either the chart lighting or dome light textures to be displayed when changing view (I have a high-spec PC and don't have this issue with other aircraft. I also use ChasePlane, so unsure if this is a factor). Will this be addressed? Cockpit night lighting makes the cockpit textures 'fuzzy', especially lettering.
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