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  1. Yes I know. Just saying in general.
  2. Thanks Paul. The aircraft tends to do 1800-3500fpm in the climb through 10,000 depending on the external factors and weight. I'd say about 2000-2800fpm is most common though.
  3. I believe they didn't design to turn to mode C like other aircraft. Would be a nice feature for SP1 though.
  4. Hi everyone. As a real-world pilot in this aircraft, I'd like to point out some of the issues I have seen when comparing it to the real aircraft. Some of these may seem picky, but thought I'd throw in what I can for the first SP. Also some of these issues may be epic load dependent, so in advance, sorry if that is the case. Also note I have only flown the E175 product. Going to fly it some more today and will report if I have more. MCDU/VNAV/FMA/PFD/AT Intercept course line does not work correctly. What currently happens is the aircraft will sequence to the next waypoint once it com
  5. If it helps, in the actual 170/175 aircraft under normal conditions, the ACARS 'usually' spits back a takeoff trim of 3.2-3.6 up.
  6. I've tried holding down tab while typing and that seems to work.
  7. As someone who flies the actual aircraft, the autothrottle needs work on this aircraft. I have never disconnected the autothrottle in the aircraft for the above purpose...but we do override it. We need to help it sometimes when you change to a lower speed and it has trouble maintaining it (usually not more than 5-10 knots off). It seems like in this aircraft, the autothrottle likes to respond to the input way too early.
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