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  1. Yes I know. Just saying in general.
  2. Thanks Paul. The aircraft tends to do 1800-3500fpm in the climb through 10,000 depending on the external factors and weight. I'd say about 2000-2800fpm is most common though.
  3. I believe they didn't design to turn to mode C like other aircraft. Would be a nice feature for SP1 though.
  4. Hi everyone. As a real-world pilot in this aircraft, I'd like to point out some of the issues I have seen when comparing it to the real aircraft. Some of these may seem picky, but thought I'd throw in what I can for the first SP. Also some of these issues may be epic load dependent, so in advance, sorry if that is the case. Also note I have only flown the E175 product. Going to fly it some more today and will report if I have more. MCDU/VNAV/FMA/PFD/AT Intercept course line does not work correctly. What currently happens is the aircraft will sequence to the next waypoint once it comes within 5 miles of the waypoint. FMA does not drop out flight modes (Track, GA, etc.) after landing. This causes an issue where if you are turning the aircraft after arriving, the TOGA button does not present the proper FMA display of ROLL and TO. You have to press the TOGA button several times before it resets to ROLL TO. Currently, the VNAV system has no magenta FLCH (for descent). Magenta FLCH is just like the green FLCH, except it will comply with altitude restrictions in the MCDU. There is no vertical direct with the current system. You should be able to take ***** fix at 250 knots/10000 and put 250/10000 back in on top of the restriction and it should adjust the descent angle to redirect to a constant path to meet that restriction instead of the angle you input in PERF INIT. The VNAV path with a between restriction only takes the top or bottom altitude (forgot which it was), it does not calculate an altitude between. In general, VNAV needs to be worked on. The autothrottle system needs to be tweaked. The autothrottle likes to add more thrust coming to within 10 knots of selected speeds, which is too sensitive. You should also get a LIM T amber message on the FMA if it is unable to accel/decel at a proper speed schedule to the selected speed. AT is overly sensitive with the speed brakes out in VNAV or on an ILS. Works perfect in FLCH. There is no RTE page. This is where you would actually input the flight-plan initially. This is normally where you'd put in the ADS-B flight ID as well. I was flying into EYW which should have an LNAV/VNAV with a GP and there was no VNAV GP. I Had a VNAV disconnect when leveling at CHIPR at 13,000 on the CHIPR1 into ATL FMS autotune on radio page should be green, not cyan (EPIC load dependent?) The green triangle showing localizer deflection went out of the black box (http://prntscr.com/qeuk0c) Flight Dynamics/Engines/Other Systems Way too high of a VS on climb out through 10,000 (4000-5000fpm even at an higher weight). Above 10,000 is much better. (http://prntscr.com/qeuqvz) Taxi light glitches at full rudder ("Tiller") deflection. When retracting flaps from 1 to up, the retraction happens too fast. The brake temperature seems rather low after landing when applying full brakes on landing (should be at least close to amber). When Anti-Ice is set to all and no ice is detected on the initial climb, the associated EICAS messages should disappear at about 1700AGL or 2 minutes after departure, but the messages are still staying on the EICAS. The engine start up is not correct. Should take around 45-55 seconds. Also the fuel flow is way off for the start. Should only be 300-600pph during start and about 550pph at idle per engine. (http://prntscr.com/qeutdz) Other Flight timer does not reset with the associated button/switch (switch does move though) on the ground. However, once you take off it does reset. Also, on the panel chronometer once it hits 60 minutes, it should continue to go to 61, 61, 63; but this one resets back to zero and continues. APU shutdown sound can be heard when shutting down APU with engines running (should not be able to hear it). I'm guessing this is a flightsim-ism though. Wiper speeds not correct. They are way too slow. I'm guessing it may be hard to model. Also the rain effects, with a higher speed, aren't accurate; once again probably hard to model.
  5. If it helps, in the actual 170/175 aircraft under normal conditions, the ACARS 'usually' spits back a takeoff trim of 3.2-3.6 up.
  6. I've tried holding down tab while typing and that seems to work.
  7. As someone who flies the actual aircraft, the autothrottle needs work on this aircraft. I have never disconnected the autothrottle in the aircraft for the above purpose...but we do override it. We need to help it sometimes when you change to a lower speed and it has trouble maintaining it (usually not more than 5-10 knots off). It seems like in this aircraft, the autothrottle likes to respond to the input way too early.
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