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  1. I have all the airports and color was fine bought the last 6 airports Dallas to Vancouver. Bought real traffic and color for all. Real traffic has loaded. None of color has loaded and all color from older airports are now gone. My computer specs are: Thermaltake Versa H-15 micro ATX mini tower EVGA 750W B2 Bronze 80+ PSU Samsung 1 TB SSD Ballistic 16 GB IT sport DDR4 Memory sticks Gigabyte LGA 1151 INTEL H-10 micro ATX DDR4 motherboard EVGA GTX 1060 3GB Gaming signal fan DX12 supported Graphics card INTEL I-5 6600 3.20 GHZ quad core processor W/ cooler master fan using my 1TB hard drive from my old HP e9920y as a back up and the optical cd from that unit also my old 25" HP monitor is my second momitor My main monitor is a 32" curved ACER Predator. Why is this happening 1. Why is it such a hassle to get this to work 2. It all goes through steam because that is where I purchased the original set up. I really do not want to delete everything and reload to have it not work. Is there a patch or some other program to get this fixed. Beyond frustrated.
  2. I purchased the current airports from Vancouver to the latest release KDFW. Also in this the latest real traffic and all their real colors for the airports I now have all the released airports traffic and colors from TIST to KDFW.. I had purchased some through steam but most through ATC suite.com and loaded them to the steam account as posted Traffic c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\. Real Color, c:\Program Files (x86)Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3DPro\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks\. Now prior to these recent airports all has gone well, real traffic loaded fine, real color will not come up all aircraft are white, Aircraft type and assigned airlines are loaded and called out when pushback, landing and take off are called out. But now not only in the new airports but all other airports also. Is this a known bug or a steam issue that it will not take the ATC suite or Nyerges Design color. Steam does not sell the color packs. Is there a bridge program to fix this without wiping everything out and attempting to start over with no guarantee it will work. Real color,traffic and airports have all worked before when loaded to steam now the color is gone. There really needs to be a better less stressful way to do this for we the not so computer savvy group.
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