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  1. Hey Vic, Thank you for your reply - in that case I'll update the first posting with the instructions, to keep it as easy as possible and copy my previous message down in here:
  2. [message edited for better overview - original request quoted in reply #3] Hey guys, I decided to work myself through the feelThere E-Jet V3 Embraer E190 for Prepar3D v4 and create a simulator version of the Lineage 1000 Business Jet – with its increased capabilities as a range of approximately 4600nm. The conversion is rather simplistic and does not include any work on flight characteristics or fuel consumption etc. [lack of documentation and of course a lack of skills], but is based on an increased fuel capacity for the existing wing tanks and updated weights. But nevertheless,
  3. No no, it is actually done for a reason, which to be honest I cannot fully remember, but if you look at the specific settings of the flaps its actually quite interesting to see, that Flaps 4 and 5 are exactly the same - still they are seperated not only but a regular flap detent on the selector, but even a guard, over which you have to lift the flaps selector. Flaps 0 = Slats 0° & Flaps 0° Flaps 1 = Slats 15° & Flaps 7° Flaps 2 = Slats 15° & Flaps 10° Flaps 3 = Slats 15° & Flaps 20° Flaps 4 = Slats 25° & Flaps 20° Flaps 5 = Slats 25° & Flaps 20° Flaps F
  4. These are Approach Speeds for the E190: Clean: 210 Flaps 1 - Speed 180 Flaps 2 - Speed 160 Gear Down - Flaps 3 - Speed 150 Do NOT use Flaps 4 during Approach - It is a Take-Off Setting Flaps 5 or Flaps Full - Final Approach Speed
  5. Hey everyone, Back in March (or on pages 7 and 8) there were initial ideas on the paint of Lineages - unfortunately it seems that those weren't finalized. However as those would give a bit more flexibility in routing choice on the Sim, I wanted to ask whether it is possible for some of you to give one or even a few of them a chance - there are quite a few very good looking ones operating around the world: Air-X Charter - 9H-FCM/9H-FAB/9H-NYC: https://www.planespotters.net/photo/1123195/9h-fcm-air-x-charter-embraer-lineage-1000-erj-190-100-ecj https://www.planespotters.net/photo/1115262
  6. I do own the E170&E190 package since yesterday (however only using the E190 - on P3D V4.5) and this issue is similar to me: Well, my cockpit is not this dark, however I can confirm the issue of the dome light not acting in daylight (including twilight). More over, the EMER LT doesn't seem to be modelled at all 😞
  7. Hey, even though I‘m not part of the feelThere-Team, I can assure you that the E-Jet Autothrottle is not always a real help on the real aircraft as well. The real A/T is a little bit slow on the compensation of changes (keep in mind, that even the 737 is not quite perfect there), but especially it has a tendency to rather go a little bit under the selected speed than above it - so for your calculations be rather pessimistic und choose speeds a little higher than you‘d usually choose. Therefore in our operations we stand to use our hand as a backward limit to the throttle, m
  8. Wow, that is tremendously fast 🙂 Thank you very much again 🙂
  9. Having those ones in mind, I wanted to ask whether someone has the chance to paint the full flygbra.se colours on one of the WDL Aviation E190s? Presently D-AJHW and D-AWSI are carrying those colours as seen in the link below https://www.planespotters.net/photo/1056166/d-ajhw-bra-braathens-regional-airlines-embraer-erj-190lr-erj-190-100-lr [D-ACJJ still has this hybrid scheme and D-AZFA is all-white/grey belly/red winglets (just like the 5th one which had not received its registration yet)] This would be highly appreciated. Best Regards Björn
  10. Hey there, I just came to this report here on the Known Issue List and made my way through the E190 AOM, where I found this: So from my point of view the actual solution until now is handbook-wise correct and should therefore not be changed in the Service Pack. To the question on why this behavior is not visible in the posted video above, I can just say that I have to give it a pass - luckily until now I was not able to reflect that myself.
  11. Hey, If the aircraft is getting into GA/TRACK mode during the approach itself, it seems that you have by whatever reason hit the TO/GA button or somehow similar. A reactivation of the APP mode, so ILS/VOR/NDB/RNAV, in this situation of GA thrust application and initiation of the Go Around Procedure is actually deemed unsafe and should actually be prevented. If it happens, fly the Missed Approach, line up once again and have a look if it happens again. In case you cannot explain yourself how you could activate the TO/GA Mode and that the situation is replicable, could yo
  12. Goedenavond, Holá and Hej, To explain the RNAV/RNP/GPS (or whatever it gets called in the next week 😀 ) I would like to make an actual overview on how the Embraer is structured concerning the various types of approaches: [Advise: This is not tested on the Feelthere E-Jets V.3 yet, but sourced of the Embraer Procedures] Lateral & Vertical Guidance vs. Lateral Navigation only Lateral & Vertical Guidance is given in almost every kind of approach (ILS [glideslope signal] as well as VOR, NDB, RNAV [calculated vertical glidepath - confirm with chart values!])
  13. Oh that's interesting and indeed should be changed. But still, the use of the TO/GA button - to answer your question Matty - should always be taken. Even though the add-on is not fully in-line with the aircraft for the time being, the Embraer idea behind it makes sense and should (from my outside point of view) not interfere with the situation of the modes in the sim.
  14. Hey, Ok so from your narrative it seems the Feelthere E-Jets are the Pre-Mod Load but that is actually more familiar to me than the upgraded vastly changed and improved FMS Loads. [Btw. I dont have the add-on myself yet, waiting for the SP] The TO/GA Button only gives you T/O Pitch and Roll Mode, you can pre-select NAV for Lateral Navigation on Ground and it will come to effect at (I believe) 400ft AGL You select VNAV after Take-Off - a bit dependend on the operating airline - but if I remember correctly Embraer recommends 1000ft AGL The A/T is usually selected when
  15. Awesome! Never expected something to come up that fast and then with all the present variants. Thank you very much! (by the way: The 4th aircraft (D-AZFA) just arrived in Cologne this night, presently in basic colours - will see how that will look in the future 😉 And another 5th one is in preparation in SJO)
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