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  1. Hey Guys, are you planning on updating/fixing some issues with the model? If so, I can post some issues I have found with it in this thread. Best regards
  2. @EjetsCap I don't own the 170/190, only the 175/195 so I can't test it. But the variants are very similar to eachother so they might work for all 4.
  3. New engine textures and PBR maps: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AodxE9DUMhAPaqZ7FGXwfejuuU8?e=yFHg5U Already working on wings and fuselage 😉 I've you find any mistakes or issues let me know. Enjoy!
  4. I made some new engine textures, including new PBR and spec maps. Here's how the are looking right now: WIP v3 engine textures Will upload them soon..
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