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  1. Wow, this is beautiful! Hopefully you can release it before the weekend! Eager to fly it!
  2. EjetsCap


    Well that is a little disappointing, I will think of buying it but is there any big difference between the 2 models or not? Just wandering if it's worth another 60 bucks
  3. EjetsCap


    Hello guys! I have been enjoying the E-jets a lot, you did a great job! However I have a question for you, those of us that purchased the E-170/190 v3 and now want to get the E-175/195 is there a special price for an upgrade only or we need to buy the $55 product again? best regards!
  4. I can't wait for the AeroMexico connect livery to be out there!
  5. This looks amazing!! Will you be doing this for E-170/E-190?? It would be great to be honest...
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