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  1. I believe that FeelThere posted it a while ago on Facebook. So my guess is ZBAD -Beijing Daxing Intl. Airport 😉
  2. Hi All. I would like to present to you, a pre-covid schedule for Newark Liberty International Airport. The schedule simulates traffic as it was on Monday, September 29th, 2019. There are 609 arrivals and 610 departures to handle. But note in this schedule there are only a few cargo flights. Try it out and tell me what you think 😉 kewr_schedule.txt kewr_terminal.txt
  3. @DeltaVII. That would be weird, if the simple error of a point instead of a comma, would make the whole schedule not to work. I'm checking the schedule for any other errors that might be present ;-)
  4. @crbascott Here is a log file. Hope you can help figure this out. output_log.txt
  5. @DeltaVII. Yes i made changes to the terminal file. But only to add/remove a few airlines, so it matches up with the airlines in my schedule . @crbascott I have just tested it with a snippet of the schedule in the hours 12 - 4pm, and then it works without problems. So apparently its the full schedule that is the problem.
  6. Hey guys. I've been working on a before-covid schedule for KEWR. When i just tested it, it loads as it should, but no airplanes is at the gates (not even just whites). But a GA aircraft reports ready, and an inbound plane reports as well. But why no aircraft at the gates??. What could i have done wrong?? 😕 How i have written it: EWR,SJU,763,UA,1523,12:00,08:00,1,UA EWR,MEM,E75,YX,3617,12:00,08:00,1,YX EWR,SRQ,E75,YX,3555,12:00,08:00,1,YX EWR,IAD,763,UA,2734,12:00,08:05,1,UA EWR,MSP,717,DL,645,12:00,08:08,1,DL EWR,SAT,E70,YX,3678,12:00,08:10,1,YX EWR,PWM,ER4,C5,5021,1
  7. The numbers below the aircraft type, i would guess is a squak code. And the numbers to the right of that, is the order of aircrafts handled (pushbacks and arrivals)
  8. Thank you very much Gavin for your schedule of my home airport 😀😀😀
  9. Hi Gavin I don't know if this could be an error in your modified terminal-file. But Lufthansa (DLH) flights are only listed to be using: Terminal_A, Terminal_B and Terminal_RemoteW. That means that many DLH flights dosen't appear for a long time in game play, when using the full schedule, and not a snippet. Long periods without pushbacks, and only DLH arrivals when a plane pushes back 🙂
  10. Hey there. I have a problem with the new Tower3D DLC for Rjtt Haneda airport. Between 60-120 into a session, suddenly no more JAL or ANA flights will request push and start, or will arrive, even though they are in the schedule (RT schedule). I was advised, that i could submit a log file in here, so somebody could figure out from that, what the problem might be. So i have attached the log file for the latest session. The last flights to request push was ANA575 at 10:57 and JAL233 at 10:58. The next in the schedule was to be ANA112 at 11:02 and JAL45 at 11.04, but they didn't show up. out
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