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  1. Eli, Tried it last night - Wow I was overwhelmed with Flights. I will continue to test. I like the warnings, like so many planes, or exceeding maximum. I made a few mistakes, and the system warned me. Nice. I will let you know after a deep dive into tonights flights into TIST. Great interface - looks very official.
  2. Been playing for a couple weeks - love the game - I think I have 8 DLC Add-ins now. I use Multi-screen for the ADIRS - but I have yet to see a tutorial on what the 3 symbols. next to the Multi-screen ICON is the Crossed Arrows. I push it and it changes color, but cannot see any noticable action on the scren. Also the Tup and Tdn arrows. I thought may font, but cannot also see any information. I went back and looked on-line and in the forums. Even watched Youtube - can't see any reference to that. I was hoping it could help rotate the ADIRS display. But nothing. If I missed in the help
  3. Sorry, reread my post - found that 8x12 is 20 contacts. Still works the same. You could put some more wires and have alternative functions for other purposes.
  4. I have been using Tower3d Pro for 2 weeks. I have purchased six DLC airports. Love the SIM. Like so many, I don't like using the Left Shift button for Push To Talk (PTT). I looked at Keyboard Macros, registry hacks, etc. I have a background in electronics, so I went hardware. I took an old (NEW) Wired USB Keyboard apart. They use an XY matrix to push contacts for each key. The module that runs the keyboard is about 1"x2". It has 16 contacts (8 x 12). I was able to find out which pads operate each key. With some experimenting I found the Shift Key. So plugging in the "SECO
  5. If I download the KRDU file again, and use my unlock code, would I then automatically get the "UPDATED" version? Just wondering.
  6. I undestand that people say "Released updates". I purchased KRDU last week. Is there an update that should get? Is there a place for updates for each site (I have 6 DLC's). Sorry if this has been asked before. Thank you for the community for helping newbees.
  7. New to Tower3D Pro - Want to thank you and your team for the effort on keeping up with requests, and releasing fantastic products.  Look forward to future releases.

  8. I am fairly new to Tower3d PRO - I have been reading the forums. I pulled data from the tower3d.rec file, and put it in a chart. The advanced users will scoff, but I needed a guide so I could find all the commands that are recognized. Hopefully it will help newbees like me. I wanted to know how to "Vacate Runway". If this list exists somewhere else, please let me know. Great Simulation - First and Best Voice Command SIM I have ever used. I have Tower3d Pro and am on 6 DLC Airports Tower_Voice_CMDS.txt
  9. Here is the link for the "TOOLS" that adds new voice commands:
  10. I saw a posting that someone wrote a mod that added additional commands to the Voice Commands. Not sure if those are authorized or not. It was mostly taxi instructions and the lot. Also I have been reading about custom schedules. Since I love GA aircraft, I was thinking to loading schedules for GA aircraft, instead of the "BIG TIN" Airline aircraft.
  11. Have Tower3D Pro - Love the game. I have bought airports - Having the best time of my life. Do you ever allow Outside Beta-Testers? I would love to help improve the product (Not that the product needs must improvement) - I hear that some runways and/or gates don't work. I am sure as with any software-product, you beta-test until you feel it is "GOOD ENOUGH" for commercial sale. Just wondering. Also I plan to add the command.mod file, to allow additional features to be used. I made a suggestion for more GA/Military traffic. Is there one Airport that has more GA and/or Military traffic?
  12. New to Tower3d PRO - Have used other sims. 1. More GA traffic - Love it when I can see local small aircraft - Pushing "BIG TIN" is fun, but love the little guys 2. How about Military Traffic.. Would be fun for a fighter, C5, C130, etc. Probably more an ART thing 3. Select Time of Year - Summer vs. Winter traffic - shorted daylight hours 4. Speak back from Landing Traffic - Sometimes we forget a plane landed - need to move them off runway 5. Trouble moving aircraft to alternative runways - especially blocked or busy runways 6. How about discount for multiple Ai
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