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  1. Hey all, I think since Tower! Simulator 3 is soon to be released, I think we should give FeelThere a few suggestions like what you want added to the game that wasn't in Tower! 3D Pro. I'd suggest they add like, say, Clearance Delivery to the new game, but you all have your own suggestions, so..... But, that being said, I'd love to see your suggestions!
  2. @FeelThere Do you plan to have clearance delivery as an option to control in the new game?
  3. What if Clearance Delivery was an option?????
  4. Making a schedule for CLT if that airport ever does come out!
  5. I think Charlotte would be a great addition.
  6. This is for airport suggestons that @FeelThere that could add into Tower! 3D. Drop your suggestions below!!!
  7. About 7 hours ago I did, and yes, it's all good now.
  8. Unfortunately, I am having problems with KIAD and EGLL with the fictitious callsigns still being there while I do have Real Traffic installed. Has it been updated since?
  9. I saw in the UPDATE FROM FEELTHERE topic that KSEA is in the works for them. Should I do a schedule for that airport? @FeelThere
  10. SMH!!! I LOST THE RACE!! (but I'll probably beat out @battlehawk77 still)
  11. PHNL schedule in the works, I'm kind of in a race with @battlehawk77 to get this thing out. Does anyone have any ideas for other airports that I should develop schedules for?
  12. airports.txt file sorted out, I used another creator's. Commercial schedule in the works now.
  13. I'm developing a custom schedule for KMCO. It's in the works right now but will be out in about a month or two since the airports.txt file takes SO LONG to make, it's already taken me about a week and a half to work on this thing! @pete_agreatguy
  14. N25MX probably flies from Phoenix to Chicago in between the Raleigh-Phoenix and Chicago-Raleigh flights. FYI I am a Raleigh native, so this is my home airport.
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