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  1. Sorry my mistake got in going Cheers Rhys
  2. Hi I have a full licensed copy of FSUIPC 4 on a PC running FSX. I have installed FSX SE on a laptop. Should I be able to use my exsisting login details to register 4.975 I have tried but it wont let Regards Rhys
  3. Hi Thanks for the replays .I'm building a helicopter simulator based on a MD500e. I'm using the update nemeth bros model. I did try to assign a keyboard command but had the same problem. I hear what you mean by generates repeats when holding down the key I'll give the options a try and report back I really appreciate the help Cheers Rhys
  4. Hi Peter I've had another try. I'll try to explain best I can. In the log file the starter button is toggle starter 2. I press the on screen starter ounce and the button stays pressed and the gas producer gauge goes from 0% and at about 30 rpm the starter releases on it's own. The gas producer climbs all the way round to 100 and settles at 70 like it should. I just can't seem to replicate it using the pushbutton on my collective. Under control sent when button pressed I have assigned Toggle starter 2 and under control sent when button released I've assigned toggle start
  5. Hi all I have assigned a keyboard command to the start botton on my aircraft. When I use the on screen starter I press the start botton for about 3-5 sec and the engine starts But when I use the keyboard to start it takes longer about 10 sec. I have checked using the log to make sure that I have assigned the correct command which I have Not sure what is going on and wondering if anyone can help Cheers Rhys
  6. Hi Thanks for the reply. Because I am building a full scale sim my setup requires a 2d panel which I have setup hence the engine start is the final part part of the project Cheers Rhys
  7. Hi Reinhard I'm using the old nemeth bros MD500E Can you tell me if the milvez 530 has a 2d instrument panel. Rhys
  8. Hi all I'm looking for some help with fsuipc and helicopter engine start. My collective has a push button start .I want to hold the start button and have the N1 gauge slowly move to its max. At the present when I push the start botton, the N1 gauge goes straight to max. Heres a video showing what I am trying to replicate if its at all possible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KVA3GXiK2s I have tried various engine start options in fsuipc to see if I can create something close but no luck My cockpit is a full scale MD500e and the last part I'm working on is the engine star
  9. Hi all I'm working on a full scale MD500e simulator which is up and flying. It is interfacing real MD parts. I have the standard panel switches working, battery, master avionics, gen etc.. I would like to setup a realistic turbine start if possible via FSUIPC. The collective throttle is connected to a potentiometer with the starter switch on the end. I'm wondering what assignments in fsuipc I need to use to try to get as close as I can to a turbine start of course within the limitations of the aircraft model and FSX itself I'm using the Nemeth bros MD500e for FSX as my model a
  10. Hi all I am trying to calibrate my BU0836X 12-Bit Joystick Board in the windows calibration tool . When I set up the axis that are hooked up to the board the calibration tool ask you to press any botton to confirm but as the board has no buttons will it still calibrate correctly Cheers Rhys
  11. Hi Thomas Thanks for the reply. I think my biggest problem is I haven't setup my Potentiometers properly in the windows calibration window. Sat down tonight with the Bodnar board and plugged in a potentiometer and played with the setting which is making thing easier to understand Quick question, wired the pot to the x axis and went through to calibration for the X axis all seemed fine, but when I unplugged the board and moved the pot to the y axis and went to the calibration window it didn’t bring up the calibration square Cheers Rhys
  12. Hi all I have build a MD500e Simulator I'm using Leo Bodnar board and Vishay 357 potentiometers and full version of fsuipc I am having an issue with control assignments apart from X being aileron and y being elevator. What should the pedals and throttle be assigned to I am trying to get my head around things like when I assgn an axis say X aileron do I need to move the cyclic the full range, or can I just move it in one direction a bit for the axi to be pick up For some reason I hooked up my cotrols and assigned them but for some reason when I moved the y axi
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