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  1. small update too all 🙂 i recommand too all if u run a larger program 🙂 todo this on form startup: Process.GetCurrentProcess().ProcessorAffinity = (System.IntPtr)1; i wil make sure ure app only works on core 0; i do this to make sure that p3d doesnt share his ipc 🙂 on my relativly extended script 🙂 i gained a lowering of 20% of cpu cores for p3d 🙂
  2. just so happy whit ure DLL it creates a great programming basic to add to p3d 🙂
  3. rodger that paul !! i remove the procces 🙂 il wil think for a solutions to "reduce" the amount of send control update to sim have to think about how i am gonna shape this into a better way. maybe i do a timely update. to send a 1 or 2 second update 🙂 whit all ticks created at that time at once
  4. case "CRS1": temp = this.raw_mcpcrs1.Value; if (ser[1] == "1") { temp--; FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(PMDG_737_NGX_Control.EVT_MCP_CRS_L_SET, temp); } // rotate left. else if (ser[1] == "2") { temp++; FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(PMDG_737_NGX_Control.EVT_MCP_CRS_L_SET, temp); } //rotate right else if (ser[1] == "3") { FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(PMDG_737_NGX_Control.EVT_MCP_VNAV_SWITCH, 1); } //short push (APP) else { } // longpush FSUIPCConnection.Process(); break; paul. i push in serial ticks from encoders to c# and proces like this. i miss about 2 or 3 out of 5 ticks. now i do know i can get the ticks around 5/5 into c# so i was wonder is this a slow way to update sim and is there a faster way? 🙂 or is this as fast as it gets. it just feels " slow " sorry its just a snippet 🙂 but its all same just other value 🙂
  5. ok small update (hijakcing back my topic ;-)) currently i have the first sim info finaly displaying and changing on the arduino mcp /radiopanel. believe it or not but i managed to shrink a full radiopanel and mcp encoders on a saitek panel size whit 2 screens.
  6. sorry to boost this. Paul is this delay stil in ure latest build?
  7. OKE oke, real life has been a little keep me to busy. together whit a little programming block in the head. but i am back in busniss. but i found some issue. whit a offset 🙂 whitch has me surprised, maybe someone can tell me the offsets for: private Offset<ushort> com2 = new Offset<ushort>(0x034F); no code 🙂 just offset. and yes the export to the dll. has a delay. because i found it more reliable to have arduino do it. i just had to make 2 nanos friends whit c# 🙂
  8. ah supercool!! i finish it and send it to you 😄
  9. i writing a automated function to change radiopanel whit the right digitis in 1 simple function can upgrade the digits before and after decimal.🙂
  10. paul henty. question about ure DLL. inside the dll. is it regular c# functions? i write a function for myself. but i assume i am not the only one who has todo it. if it is regular c# function in the dll. i willing to share the function to include it.
  11. found a simple bypass 🙂 Thread 1 = fast reading data; last thing it does is read a form value. if form is 1 it wil change it to R and it wil pause itself til form is back to 0 🙂 Thread 2 = slow progress does the opposite. if it wants to write it change form value to 1 and waits on R. it processes fsuipc commands turns form back to 0
  12. wel that is super to hear because one thread is realy just to read offset data 🙂 while the other thread is having delays example 7,9 seconds delay after requesting stairs to the plane before a door gets openen another 2 seconds before door open etc 🙂
  13. paul quick question. do u know if ure .net would have trouble running 2x whitin one aplication? i am considering running the app in 2 threads to get data not delayed because of the other software. read: i dont ask how. i just wondered if u know its been tried 🙂 and deemend inposseble before i bite my self into it and find out its imposseble 😛 🙂
  14. sorry for the late answer 🙂 i read it from phone. offline got so excited that it finished the next 90 cmds between homeschooling the kid due to corona school closings here in my country 😄 by now i managed to get out working. its not realy fast yet 🙂 but in crude its working tweaking the software step for step 😄
  15. paul can u check whit me pls? for some reason i get only false i tripple checked this. i get false on all these even tought they should be mixed be true and false. (i seem to get the same error in (windowheat and hydraulics.) i am confused because i got other bit arrays working same line of codes private Offset<BitArray> fuelcen = new Offset<BitArray>("fuelcen", 0x646E, 1); private Offset<BitArray> fuelfwd = new Offset<BitArray>("fuelfwd", 0x646A, 1); private Offset<BitArray> fuelaft = new Offset<BitArray>("fuelaft", 0x646C, 1); string fuelcenl = this.fuelcen.Value[0].ToString(); string fuelcenr = this.fuelcen.Value[1].ToString(); string fuelfwdl = this.fuelfwd.Value[0].ToString(); string fuelfwdr = this.fuelfwd.Value[1].ToString(); string fuelaftl = this.fuelaft.Value[0].ToString(); string fuelaftr = this.fuelaft.Value[1].ToString(); 646A 2 BYTE x 2 FUEL_annunLOWPRESS_Fwd[2] Boolean 646C 2 BYTE x 2 FUEL_annunLOWPRESS_Aft[2] Boolean 646E 2 BYTE x 2 FUEL_annunLOWPRESS_Ctr[2] Boolean
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